LFW AW19: Outfits

Hello everyone!

Another blog post – and as promised, I’ll be posting photos of the outfits that I wore from London Fashion Week. So I guess you can consider this as a LFW Lookbook.

I think you guys know me well enough, I don’t wear color that often – unless it’s pink of course. But this Fashion Week, considering that it may be my last, I decided to go for EVERYTHING BRIGHT YELLOW. Okay, I planned my outfits for LFW but some were unplanned because the stupid weather was too cold.

As you’ve all seen, I wore yellow….every….single…day. Shocking right? I used to hate yellow, I thought I looked like a hotdog that’s dipped in mustard but yeah. That’s a weird imagery but oh well.

The majority of my photos are taken by the amazing photographers who were out on the streets of London Fashion Week for hours and hours just to get the coolest street style pictures – so take some time to appreciate them and check out their Instagrams.

So this is it.

Outfit #1


Photographs by: Pat Lyttle @stylistpatlyttle
Michaela Efford @michaelaefford
Suit from Topshop
Sweater from River Island
Shoes from Gucci
Bag from Zara

Outfit #2


Photographs by: Gil D’Entreacastrux @gildentreacasteaux
Chris Gibson @wanderingphotographer2019
Abyssal Star @abyssal_star
Mauro Tandoi @maurotandoi.photo
Top from Zara
Turtle Neck from Zara
Skirt from Pomelo
Shoes from Zara
Bag from Chloe 
Blazer from Bersrhka

Outfit #3


Photograph by: Alice Cait @alicecait_
Coat from River Island
Top from Zara
Pants from Basics by Sita
Bag from Zara
Shoes from Gucci

Outfit #4


Turtle Neck from Zara
Pink Blazer from Topshop
Coat from Zara
Jeans from Sulte Benedict
Boots from Forever21
Bag from Marc Jacobs

Outfit #5


Photographs by: Alekzander Agustin @lastminutehabits
Stephen Allen @bystephenallen
Sorn @sorn_ks
Louis Burrows @louiusburrowsphotographer
Andrew Lalchan @alalchan
Coat from Zara
Bag from Chloé
Turtle Neck from Zara
Shoes from River Island
Dress from S’Ra Official

That’s it folks! I hope you guys enjoyed this little lookbook of outfits that I wore during LFW. This is probably my last LFW, but don’t worry, I’ll dress up in yellow again soon!


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