AW19 Recap: London Fashion Week

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So today, I’m gonna cover London Fashion Week! It’s 3 weeks late, but I’m going to do it anyways!

Reality check: This is probably my LAST London Fashion Week coverage. I’ll be moving back to Cambodia for good and I don’t know when exactly I’m gonna come back for it. HOPEFULLY I can come again next year or be here in time for the next season. But for now, it’s my last one.


photo by: Alice Cait (@alicecait_)

2015, officially 4 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine myself attending Fashion Week. Or even think of getting invitations to go to Fashion Week. But this year, it’s my 4th fashion week that I’ve attended in London. And hopefully it won’t be my last.

So here it goes, I’m going to give you the deets and the amazing fashion that I’ve seen during London Fashion Week. And yep, we’re going to do it by day. LFW actually started from February 14th and ended on February 19th. HOWEVER, because February 14th is Valentine’s Day (basically my day) and February 15th is my bf’s birthday (basically his day), I skipped the first two days of LFW. AND because I was super exhausted from changing clothes nonstop, I skipped the last day as well. This LFW, I decided to take it easy, basically skipping almost more than 5-7 shows total because it was just WAY to hectic. I won’t be describing each show’s story/press release because that will legit bore the hell out of you – let’s be honest here. Instead, I’ll show you my favourite pieces from each show and BRIEFLY describe to you the details of it.

Day 1 – February 16th


Mimpikita was one of those shows where I felt so proud to have an Asian culture portrayed to the London public so beautifully. It showed that people can dress modestly with uniqueness and chicness.

Cassey Gan 

Three words: colours, abstract and tribal. Mix these together and voila, Cassey Gan as created her own magic potion.


Shopyte has showcased a new generation of working ladies who are fit to walk the runway at anytime of the day and she’s doing it in minimalistic pastels.

Rocky Star 

Because of the crazy PEOPLE traffic that’s going into Rocky Star, I wasn’t able to get a good view of the clothes. However, I managed to get these two shots – and it can basically represent Rocky Star’s newest collection – glitz and glam in the rock world.

Katie Ann McGuigan 

This was one of my favourite presentations yet! Each and every look, I wanted it in my closet. The colours were vibrant (much like the looks I showed off during LFW – which I will be posting VERY soon) and even each look showcased its own unique print, the collection had a sense of consistency. This is what old femininity mixed with the new femininity looks like.


This was actually one of the most exciting presentations that I was excited to attend! I’ve always been a fan of Smythsons, their leatherwork is actually so amazing! At their presentation, they wanted to showcase their new creative director’s work, which was filled with quirkiness, pastel colours and new sense of creativity.

Day 2 – February 17th

Natalie B Colemon 

This presentation showed a sense of goth – but with a good cause! The designer collaborated with The United Nations Population Fund and created the SISTERS collection. One of my favourite piece was the white jumper (middle photo) – it’s so fluid, but also abstract.


A-Jane, you can never disappoint when it comes to playing with colours. Inspired by “Neue Musik” (New Music), she created a collection that showed structure but also fluidity by playing with such bold colours.


Underage’s presentation was named “Horror Picture Show”, yes it portrayed that – but with so much chicness, structured blazers (which I would personally wear) and abstract graffiti that are shown on their shoes.


One of my favourite shows to attend every fashion week! They never disappoint. Their designs were filled with majestic fabrics as well as structure. I’d wear any piece from their collection, anytime.

Day 3 – February 18th

Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe, the show that I’ve been waiting to attend again this new season! His collection is never a bore, the music, the setting, the clothes and especially the designer himself. I met him last season and he was wonderful! I was able to see him again this season and he remembered me as the Cambodian blogger, these little things make me so happy.

But let’s talk about the collection. His collection this season was “Battlefield to Ballroom”, which the name speaks for the collection itself. The show started with military-inspired pieces, which were tailored to perfection. The second part of the show showed princess-like pieces which could wow any crowd at a black-tie event.

Edeline Lee

Let’s be honest here, Edeline Lee’s presentation was an absolute mess, when it came to managing the guests. The presentation had different speakers who presented their poems/stories/etc, they came out with 1-2 models who wore pieces from the collection. The models and presenter were very far from where the guests stood, so we couldn’t see the collection well. I understood the messages she wanted to portray, which was “Future Lady” and women’s rights and relationship with power. However, I thought that the collection could have been shown better (so guests who are buyers, stylists, editors can see the details of the clothes better), with more than 3-5 models walking around with the presenter rather having the model a mile away from the audience. – THIS IS JUST MY OPINION, pls don’t take this into heart, whoever’s reading this. I managed to only capture 1 good photo, and it was a very blurry one – and this was taken with a professional camera, which I shoot all my pictures with.


Showroom Photos

Here are some photos showing some of the pieces and collections that I adored from the LFW showroom.

That’s it guys! I hope you guys enjoyed this recap of AW19 London Fashion Week, and hopefully you’ve seen something you’re inspired by.

As much as I love fashion week, it’s exhausting. I did 3 days in a row and managed to see 12 shows/presentations. I’m amazed by myself. Actually, I did more shows the last season – no idea how I did it. To be honest, the fun part about fashion week is actually the part where I could dress however I like, to show my identity, my fashion, and my creativity. Although I do that anyways everyday, but I’m able to dress more vibrantly without people looking up and down. I mean, if I wore any of the outfits I wore to fashion week on the tube, I’d probably get 20 eyes staring at me wondering if I ate the wrong medicine.  I’ll be posting my outfits very soon – just waiting for a few more photos from photographers who managed to capture some photos of me on-the-go at LFW.

For now, enjoy your day! I’ll see you in a sec.


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