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I’ve been getting so many requests to do a skincare routine for SO LONG. And I never got the chance to show you guys an updated version of my skincare routine. (If any of you are wondering, I actually DID a Youtube video a while back on my skincare routine). Well today is the day guys, I’m going to show you the little tricks (there’s actually no tricks) and the products I use for my night time skincare routine.

The reason why I’m showing you my night time routine only is because I actually have no morning routine. I legit just wash my face with my cleanser (which will be mentioned below), and put on some sunscreen. And then, I carry on with my daily make up. If you guys are looking for some recommendations on beauty products, let me know through my Instagram DMs – I’m always open to suggestions! And don’t worry guys, I actually read all my DMs! Some people think I don’t see it, but I actually do, so please be patient with the replies because sometimes it can get a little bit overwhelming!

Okay also, I have weird skin. No that’s weird to say. But I have combo skin type but it leans more toward the dry side, but it’s also a little bit sensitive – especially around the eye area. I get oily only at the end of the day – and I think it’s because of my makeup.

Okay, let’s stop with the blabbering and start with the products. As seen on my Instagram post and the cover photo of this blog, I use all the products shown. I’ve always gotten my inspiration for my routine from Korean skincare because let’s face it, Korean skincare is THE SHIT. They have beautiful porcelain and PERFECT skin. I actually don’t know how they keep up with their 10-step routine. I tried for about….a day. And I gave up. So here’s a melted down version of their 10-step routine – my night time skincare routine.

DISCLAIMER: I do not have perfect skin, nor think that I do. I’m doing this solely because so many of you have requested me to do so! This could be helpful for those of you who have the same skin type as me or for those who are looking for recommendations.

Step 1: Cleanser


The one step that I’ve ALWAYS skipped when I was younger. I never thought that a cleanser could do any better than water, since back in the day, I never wore make up. But now that I put a little bit more makeup, I find it super necessary to use a cleanser. It’s so beneficial because it cleanses out any leftover makeup and especially dust which have been piled up on your skin during the day. It’s also a good way to keep your pores unclogged!

(Okay, but before cleanser, make sure you clean out all your makeup with a good makeup wipe or makeup cleanser).

It’s crucial to use a cleanser that is made for your skin type. Since I have dry skin, I usually look for cleansers that doesn’t contain chemicals that could possibly dry up my skin even more. The current cleanser that I’ve been using is this Cell Renewal Facial Cleanser from Löwengrip. I find this cleanser to be particularly suitable for my skin type because it’s gentle, good for sensitive skin, and has ingredients that are anti-pollution. Living in London, anyone can relate to this, my skin is actually going through hell every time I step out of the house. So this facial cleanser does the job for me. It also doesn’t dry up my skin after the wash, so that’s a bonus.

Get cleanser here: Cell Renewal Facial Cleanser from Löwengrip

Step 2: Toner


After washing my face, I tend to leave my face out to dry for about 5-10 minutes first. If I use a toner right away, the water that was still left on my face after my face wash (even after drying your face with a towel) will just evaporate and no product will actually absorb.

I used to use Whamisa’s Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner, which was amazing! But I decided to switch and tried something new. I switched to Beauty Water from Son & Park, but I felt that it felt a little more like a cleanser rather than a toner. Although toner is sort of a cleanser – cleaning out your impurities and makeup, I wanted a toner that can do other things rather than just cleaning. I’ve always been a believer for Blithe, ever since they released their Pressed Serum (till today, I still use it!). So I decided to look at other products, and because I trust them, I chose to try out their Anti-Polluaging Cleansing Water Himalayan Pink Salt. What this toner does is that, it not only cleans out your impurities and makeup, but it also cleans out the pollution (dirt, the nonsense that’s in the air) on your face AND protects your face from future ageing (which is caused by pollution) and any sort of effects from the environment. It also leaves your face smooth, moisturised, and detoxified. Let’s just say, it does a lot.

Get the toner here: Anti-Polluaging Cleansing Water Himalayan Pink Salt

Step 3: Serum or Ampoules #1

After toner, I usually add my serums or ampoules. And yes, I skip the essence part of the Korean skincare routine. But instead of using an essence, I use both a serum and ampoule. Still a lot of steps, I know. I haven’t found a good essence that’s suitable for my skin yet, but when I do – I’ll definitely let you guys know.

Anyways, I put my serum/ampoule on in no particular order – I ALWAYS switch to use which one first. And that’s because I ALWAYS forget.

IMG_0064But let’s talk about this ampoule first. I usually put a few drops of this ampoule on my face, and it does the job. This ampoule is from Leegeeham called Grow Hyal B5 Ampoule. This is a recent discovery for me. Believe it or not, I’ve only used this for a month – and I’ve already seen some changes to my face. I wasn’t using any ampoules before this. This ampoule is really great because it’s made for people with dry skin. I knew that this winter in London is going to be a hella dry one, so that’s why I needed to get something to prevent my skin from peeling off. This ampoule does quite a few jobs: it smoothes our the appearance of fine lines, leave your skin looking youthful, and prevents your skin from feeling that uncomfortable tightness (this is normal for people with dry skin – what I always get after a shower). I’ve seen some changes to my complexion. Before, I would have a few dry patches on my face, especially on the nose and forehead area. But now they’ve seem to disappear!

Get the Ampoule here: Leegeeham Grow Hyal B5 Ampoule 

Step 4: Serum or Ampoule #2


The second is the serum. This is ALSO a recent discovery. The thing is, this product wasnever seen on recommendation lists or blogs, BUT, I see it ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE I GO. To Thailand, Cambodia, and now the UK! I was browsing for Korean serums on ASOS (so good that ASOS sells K-beauty products – they ship to Cambodia!!), and fo

und this serum. So I stopped avoiding it and faced reality, I bought it and tried it. The serum is the Power 10 GF from the brand called It’s Skin. At first, I wasn’t so sure about the


texture of it because it left my skin quite sticky. But in the morning, my face legit feels like a baby’s butt. Sounds weird, but this product combined with the ampoule, did some magic on my face!

This serum is supposed to be good for dry skin as well. The brand actually came up with so many other serums that does different various jobs for your face. So if you guys aren’t looking for a serum that helps moisturise the face, try their other serums. They’re quite affordable, and it works quite well! I chose the moisturising one because my face needs it for the winter (as mentioned earlier), but I’ll definitely try out their other serums when I’m back in Cambodia’s hot weather.

Get the Serum here: It’s Skin Power 10 GF Serum

Step 5: Moisturiser  Pressed Serum

7719983440_IMG_3841Okay, who needs a moisturiser today anyways after the invention of the Pressed Serum?! Yes, I’ve been a HUGE fan of Blithe’s Pressed Serums ever since they first released it. Why? Because it’s a serum AND moisturiser combined. It’s basically 2-in-1 and it works wonders to your face. When you’re having a lazy night, you can basically wash your face and apply the pressed serum all over to sleep. The next morning, you’ll still feel like you’ve treated your face well. I first started off with the Crystal Iceplant because it was for hydration and calming for the skin. But then I shifted off to the Velvet Yam pressed serum because it was enriched hydration (so basically EVEN MORE hydration). For me, I loved the Crystal Iceplant’s texture more because I thought it was more lightweight and absorbed quicker. So now, I’m back to the good old Crystal Iceplant. I love it because it gives your face so much hydration without having that sticky uncomfortable feeling when you put on a super hydrating moisturiser. When I apply it, it feels SUPER refreshing. And in the morning, my face would never feel dry.

Get the Pressed Serum here: Blithe Crystal Iceplant Calming & Hydrating Pressed Serum

Step 6: Overnight Mask (Optional)

I rarely use an overnight mask, I’m only including this in case any of you want a good recommendation. I usually use this probably once every 2 weeks or so because I don’t need it as much. I only use it when my skin feels dryer than normal or when my skin is feeling weird. Have you ever woke up in the morning and just felt your face and was like “the hell happened?!”? Well that’s me, sometimes. So when I need that extra umph, I always use an overnight mask. I used to use Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask, which felt so soothing all the time. But now I’ve discovered something new and VERY hyped on social media. I’m not one to always follow recommendations on social media but then I saw so much of this product on Instagram and just had to try it. It was temptation. And it’s so worth the hype. This product does an amazing job at evening out the texture of my skin and moisturises it really well. It’s the Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II. This product actually also helps with fine lines and wrinkles – which I never knew about until I was looking at websites to link for you guys. So that’s definitely a bonus for us!

Get the Overnight Mask here: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II

Step 6: Lip Balm

Omg. This part used to be skipped ALL THE TIME for me. I always forget to put on lip balm at night and when I wake up, my lips feel like they’ve become crusts. I have naturally dry and chapped lips as well (much like my skin), so now this step has been such a crucial step for me before I sleep.


I received this Rose Lip Balm from By Terry and tested it out. And I LOVE IT! It smells amazing first of all, and second, it leaves my lips feeling moisturised and comfortable all day – yes I use this in the morning as well. But I find it so helpful to use this at night because the product would actually absorb better at night since you’re not doing anything to it.

Another alternative that you guys may want to use as well, if you guys can’t find this ByTerry Lip Balm near you, is Vaseline! I’ve been using Vaseline ever since I was 15. For EVERYTHING. I use it for blisters, my chapped lips, nails, scabs and more. Laugh at me all you want, but Vaseline definitely works for your chapped lips.

Get the Lip Balm here: By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Care


That’s it everyone! That’s my night time skincare routine. I hope you guys enjoyed my 7 step skincare routine and hope you guys find this blog post helpful for your skincare routine.

Talk to you soon!


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