The Autumnal Dive: 2 Ways to Wear a Skirt During Autumn

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Okay, I can finally say it – it’s FINALLY autumn. Autumn came to London a bit late this year and summer lasted VERY long – which is a GOOD thing. Now that London’s getting a little colder, we can start bringing out long sleeves, fuzzy sweaters and boots.

I’m those type of people who gets cold super easily. So I tend to layer a lot. I have always been afraid of wearing a skirt because I’d think that it’d be too cold. But now that London’s weather isn’t as cold, I’m starting to dig into the idea of over-the-knee boots and a skirt. Who’s with me?

The Fuzzy Knit

Another way to wear a skirt is to pair it with a fuzzy sweater. This sweater is actually a cardigan but I sort of converted it into an off shoulder fuzzy sweater which looks super cute! I can definitely see myself wearing the same outfit but with a turtle neck underneath the cardigan.

Fuzzy sweaters are definitely an essential for autumn this year. It’s SO comfy (come on, look at the fuzziness of it) and trendy.

Cardigan from Bershka
Skirt form Bershka
Boots from River Island
Bag from Topshop
Sunglasses from Dior
Rings from Dior

The Bohemian Mix

I got this blouse from H&M and I love it! The fabric is cotton and the sleeves reminds me of a bohemian vibe. The sleeves are big, but it doesn’t look big. Weird right? Anyways, I paired the blouse with an asymmetric denim skirt. I feel like blue denim is always the perfect fabric to wear during Autumn because the color suits autumn and the fabric keeps you warm. I wore normal black patent boots to finish off the look so that it wouldn’t look too overdone. This look is perfect for autumn, especially under the autumn trees! I attempted to make that cliché autumnal photo but clearly, I failed.

Blouse from H&M
Skirt from Pomelo
Boots from Saint Laurent
Bag from Gucci
Necklaces from Dior
Sunglasses from Ray-Bans 

Well, I hope you guys liked this blog post! I’ll be posting more often now so I can pump out some good content for you guys. I hope you enjoy!


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