What I Wore: LFW SS19

Hello everyone!

This post is dedicated to those who wants to know what I wore to fashion week.

My style is always evolving. Who knew I’d be into color today? I used to ate wearing anything other than black, grey, white or pink. But now, I’m wearing red! It’s actually crazy. I feel like I can define my style into a “feminine chic” category – if that’s even real? What do you think?

Okay, don’t laugh at me but my goal for LFW this season was to be a rainbow. Not literally, but I wanted to wear every single color from the rainbow. One color a day. Okay, I sound mental don’t I? Here’s my attempt of a rainbow…(Okay, now that I look at it, I’ve failed completely and missed out green. TBH, I don’t really like green anyways so..)

Day 1 13/09

For the first day of LFW, I wanted to wear a statement color, which was red! I didn’t want to make it so literal so I decided to incorporate red by wearing red patent boots and a Gucci T-shirt that had red graphics on it. I wanted to mix punk with vintage fashion – which in my head, sort of worked. What do you think?

Blazer from Moussy (similar)
Skirt from Moussy (similar)
T-Shirt from Gucci
Boots from EGO (similar)
Belt from Chanel
Bag from Givenchy
Sunglasses from Celine

Day 2 14/09

For the second day, I wore 2 outfits. I had shows from morning to night! In was supposed to wear the checked outfit only on Day 2. But on the day, I decided to whip up a casual outfit really quickly to wear in the morning.

The first outfit I wore was the “blue” from the rainbow attempt.  I love the pants so much – it’s super comfortable and it’s so flattering for my petite figure.

The second outfit was the outfit I was most excited to wear. I wanted to fill whole outfit with this checkered print which had a dash of red and orange. Although this is sorta breaking the rainbow attempt, this fits under the red/orange category right? I was inspired by the upcoming autumnal colors, which were filled with red, orange and burgundy.

Outfit 1
Top from Zara
Trousers from The Editor’s Market
Boots from Forever 21
Sunglasses from Dior (similar)
Bag from Chanel
Outfit 2
Dress from Zara
Coat from Bershka
Boots from River Island
Bag from Chloé
Sunglasses from Celine

Day 3 15/09

The third day, was all about pink! My favorite color. I wore this beautiful top that I got from a Singapore-based brand called Exhibit in the morning part of day 3. I wore it white and added some bold earrings to finish it off.

At night, I actually didn’t plan this outfit at all. I got this red dress from Zara (my first red dress in a very very long time!) and decided to wear it on the day. I wanted to wear a black coat but then I thought it might be a little boring. To correlate with LFW’s neon/bold colors trend, I decided to wear the red dress with a pink blazer. I’ve seen so many people mix red with pink, so I decided to try it out. LFW – the week to try everything out and not get a stared down by people on the street! Jks. Actually, no.

Outfit 1
Top from Exhibit Store
Trousers from The Editor’s Market
Bag from Dior
Earrings from Lovia
Sunglasses from Zara
Outfit 2
Dress from Zara
Blazer from Bershka (similar)
Bag from Karl Lagerfeld (similar)

Day 4 16/09

On the 4th day, I decided to mix prints and cooler tones to escape all the red tones that I’ve been wearing for the past few days.

Since I had fewer shows that day, I decided to wear one outfit the whole day. I mixed two asymmetric items to my outfit and they were both prints! To top it off, I added a blue chevron blazer on top.

Dress from Self Portrait
Bag from Dior
Boots from Forever 21
Blazer from Bershka
Sunglasses from Le Specs

Day 5 17/09

I had 2 outfits this day, 1 was for day time and one was more suitable for night time.

I wore a mustard outfit in the morning. Yep, super bold and outrageous, I know – but it worked! Photographers loved my outfit since they can literally spot me from a mile away. I felt like the sun. LOL.

The second outfit that I wore was more appropriate for the night time. Imagine if I wore the mustard outfit at night – people would have thought that I wanted to look like a french fry. Anyways, the night time outfit was clean and looked more professional (basically not me everyday). I wanted to wear print but also make it subtle so I wore a blazer with printed high waisted trousers.

Outfit 1
Trousers from The Editor’s Market
Top from Poem
Coat from River Island
Bag 1 from Nita Suri
Bag 2 from Topshop
Boots from Forever 21

Outfit 2
Blazer from Balmain
Cami from Cami NYC
Trousers from Hamburger Studio
Shoes from Aldo
Bag from Gucci
Earrings from Zara

Day 6 18/09

On the last day of LFW, I wore an outfit inspired by the utility trend. The outfit was crisp, clean and minimalistic. I topped the outfit with a yellow bag (again, going with the rainbow attempt) to make things a little less boring.

Jumpsuit from The Editor’s Market
Trench Coat from River Island
Bag from Marc Jacobs
Earrings from Zara
Shoes from Chanel
Barret from local Japanese store

Okay, my attempt of being a rainbow for LFW sorta failed…but I had so much fun wearing all these bold colors, prints and textures! I feel like Fashion Week is the week to wear whatever you want whether if people like it or not. It’s all about expressing yourself, your sense of fashion, and your aesthetics. It was amazing to see so many different styles, fashion and tastes on the runway and on the streets during fashion week! I’m super grateful for being able to attend LFW once again this year. Did you guys know, during my first year living in London, my main goal was to be able to attend Fashion Week as a blogger. Yep, definitely achieved it! It sounds cheesy I know..

Anyways, Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this overdue post!


KimBouy Tang


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