SS19 Recap: London Fashion Week

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How are you? Sorry I’ve been MIA yet again – I’ve been super busy since my Master’s degree started. I’m curently studying MSc Marketing Strategy & Innovation and it’s draining the life out of me. There’s so much coursework, I’m actually dying.

Anyways, sorry AGAIN that this post is super late. I’ve been meaning to finish this ages ago, but I never came around to finishing it. So here’s a SS19 recap of LFW for you guys! I attended LFW this season and 6 days of it was super tiring. I barely had enough sleep, since there were shows from morning to night! I envy those who are able to attend ALL fashion weeks.

I’ll be posting all my favorite looks this season!

Day 1 13/09

Day 1 of London Fashion Week, I was genuinely excited. I only went to 1 show for the first day and it was the opening show of LFW. The show was called C-POP and it was basically 4 shows mashed up into 1 show. I felt super proud of my Asian routes because this show represented Chinese designers! Brands were: KissCat, Muzkin, Bailuyu, and Life on the Left. My favorite brand that showed in that show was KissCat – it was super fun to watch and the clothes were very very wearable! A Life on the Left was my least favorite, it was a tad bit creepy for me. However, the clothes were beautifully made!

Day 2 14/09

Day 2 of LFW, I was already feeling my tiredness creeping in. I had 4 shows to go to that day and ended up only going to 2!

The first show that I went to was a presentation by Emma Charles. The presentation was super unique (the picture with apples below). Her clothes showed a lot of white, which made the presentation very light and easygoing. Her craftsmanship and her application techniques (the photo below) is superb! Although not a lot of colors were used, every piece was different and had its uniqueness to it.

The second show that I went to was Bora Aksu. Bora Aksu was one of my favorites last season and it is still my current favorite! I love Bora Aksu’s aesthetics. You can always expect beautifully made dresses that feels effortless and free. I love how he used a lot of chiffon and netting, it made everything so so beautiful! Seeing the finale of his show was like seeing flowers bloom. Afterwards, I decided to go check out the LFW showroom. They showcased lots of unique and up and coming brands! One of my fave is Nita Suri – a handbag brand that crafted beautiful and unique bags. I got to use one of their bags for one of my looks too!

I had two more shows to go to that day. It was Pam Hogg and Ashley Isham. I really wanted to see Pam Hogg but since I got there too late, I didn’t get the chance to go in and see the show. It was wayy too packed! Ashley Isham was after, and I decided to bail after the disappointment of Pam Hogg – plus, the show was wayy too late. I was super drained by the end of the day since I legit went to LFW and to the first induction of my Master’s degree. THEY WERE ON TWO SEPARATE SIDES OF THE CITY.

Day 3 15/09

For the 3rd day, I decided to take it easy and went to 2 shows. One was Casey Gan and one was Malan Breton. I didn’t get to take photos of Casey Gan since my phone had a few problems but you guys can definitely search up their collection out on Google. They had a lot of abstract prints which was really refreshing to see on the runway.

The second show I went to was Malan Breton. You will never be bored when you’re attending Malan Breton’s show. His show is always filled with excitement, beautiful dresses, strong suits and a lot of glamour! I went to his show last season and the finale was spectacular! This season, never failing to surprise me, he threw in so many pieces that worked wonders under the lights of the runway. See the pieces I loved below!

I had a few more shows in between these two but decided not to attend them because I was actually already getting ill!

Day 4 16/09

The fourth day came and I was exhausted! Having to get ready early in the morning everyday was actually a hassle – who knew? I had only 4 shows to attend to this day but only went to one in the morning. The other shows’ locations were wayy too far away and I decided to rest and prepare for my Master’s degree.

I went to Minki’s show/presentation and it was the coolest show ever! Minki displayed abstract and abnormal artworks on their runway. I found it super interesting! When the show started, the collection was filled with quirkiness, vibrant colors and really cool textures.

Day 5 17/09

Day 5 came around and this was the day I was very VERY very excited about. I got invited to the MM6 Maison Margiela show – I was so excited because I’ve always been a fan of their mother brand Maison Margiela!

The first show of the day that I went to was Paul Costelloe. I was excited to see what Paul had to offer this season since the last season, his show/presentation was super fun! Last season, his show was at a hotel venue and the models were dancing around guests. For this season, his show once again, was beautiful! You can always rely on Paul Costelloe to deliver beautiful dresses, prints, and gowns!

The second show I attended that day was Tata Naka’s presentation. I’ve never been to their show before and I was looking forward to a lot of colors – since all of their previous collections were filled with colors! Their previous collections reminded me of the Caribbean. For their latest presentation, however, was different. It was filled with airy, white, monochromatic colors with a touch of gold that were inspired by the Greek history. The venue of their presentation correlated a lot with their collection, which made the presentation very expressive of their vision.

The next event I went to, I was invited to be a plus one of a friend’s. She brought me to Aspinal of London’s presentation at their flagship store! I’ve always been a fan of their trunk bags. I’ve always wanted to get them – maybe it’ll be next on my shopping list. The presentation was so fun! I got to meet the owners themselves, they were absolutely lovely.

Finally, the show I’ve been waiting to attend – MM6! Their venue had an amazing concept. If you stepped in, you would know that it was their show. It was loud but quiet. Guests had no seats, everyone just had to stand to see the show since it was in a warehouse. The models walked alongside the wall giving everyone the excitement. Since it was dark, the lights that shone on the garments really showed their craftsmanship and details that was put into one look. It was a mixture of street, sportsluxe, and elegance. AND a bonus: I met Xenia! She’s absolutely gorgeous and she’s the sweetest person ever. I was so nervous to say hi, but she was so nicee!

Day 6 18/09

The last day of Fashion Week!

I only attended 1 presentation that day and it was a presentation of Génavant and Jimmy Choo’s collaboration. Génavant’s a high jewellery brand (for those who don’t know). The collaboration was breathtaking! There were diamond shoes displayed – it was so stunning. If security wasn’t there, I would have “borrowed” it!


SS19 LFW RECAP: This season was definitely filled with flowy textures, wild prints, liquid fabrics and beautiful fashion. The season had a touch of punk inspirations, tulle, nettings, lots of shimmers and sparkles, with a dash of bold colors.

All in all, London Fashion Week SS19, was an absolute blast! I got to meet so many great people and attended Fashion Week alongside fashion lovers. It’s always a thrill to see what’s new, what’s next, and what’s happening in the fashion world. It was such a pleasure to go to another LFW and I look forward to many more! (Although this might be my second last LFW? My master’s degree ends September!)

I’ll be doing another post covering what I wore to LFW! You can check it out through this link.


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