The Summer Classics

Hello everyone!

I just GRADUATED! WOO WOO! *confetti* I’ve never been so happy! But now, I have to stress about redoing my visa for my Masters degree. WISH ME LUCK.

Anyways, I’ve been quite busy with the whole visa thing and I’ve been taking a small little time out on actual “Fashion blogging”, if you haven’t realized. However, I’m BACK! This time, I’ll be doing a giveaway VERY VERY SOON. So please stay tuned on how to enter.

Today’s blog is all about recreating that easy summer look with a few different pieces from your closet. Both looks are easy to wear, fun and one of it is definitely flirty! Summer is all about wearing comfortable and easy clothing that can withstand the heat.

The Summer Classic: The Off-the-Shoulder look

Many of you who know my fashion well, know that I LOVE off-the-shoulder tops. I’m pretty sure 50% of my pictures consists of clothes that are off-the-shoulder. I love these tops because they go with everything. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true! Plus also with a petite figure like me, off-the-shoulder tops compliments my height – believe it or not. It accentuates my neck, which makes me look taller – when I’m not.

Top from Besrhka (similar)
Shorts from Bershka
Shoes from Gucci
Bag from Chanel (similar)

This look is super casual, and I wear this quite a lot this summer with different off-the-shoulder tops. It’s so easy to get into.

The Summer Classic: Flirty Prints

Another note about me, I RARELY wear prints – unless it’s floral. I actually stay AWAY from prints most of the time. Yep, I’m not that daring. Well, it’s not really about how daring I am, but it’s more about it suiting me. I’m one of those people who think that prints can take my look from classy to tacky in a snap. I’d rather play with color. Do not judge me! (Tbh – I probably have a fear for prints.) But here I am, trying LEOPARD print for the first time. in. my. life.

Top from Na-Kd (similar) (similar)
Shorts from Zara (similar)
Shoes from Aldo (similar)
Bag from Chanel (similar)
Belt from Chanel (similar)
Sunglasses from Na-Kd

I love this look because it’s such a fun, playful and flirty look! It gives off a 90s vintage vibe and yet it’s so easy to wear (except for the heels of course, I can easily pair this outfit with flip flops!). I’m loving the play on red because it adds a little spice for the outfit. Well, what do you guys think of this outfit? I rarely do leopard prints, do I suit it…?

Anyways, I hope you guys liked reading this post and hopefully it gave your a little idea on what to wear this summer. It’s actually ending soon! So enjoy it while you can. Wear what makes you comfortable!

Have a lovely weekend!


KimBouy Tang

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