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Bringing Back Vintage Chanel

Hello everyone!

LONG TIME NO SEE – again. Sorry for being so off and on recently. I’ve been quite busy since my graduation is TOMORROW! HOLY SH*T. I’m like nervous….but excited….and happy! I’m happy that I get to finish and receive a bachelors in Fashion Management. My parents didn’t really want me to study fashion so whoop whoop this is so exciting! Who knew I could study fashion?!

Anyways, enough about me. Let’s get back to fashion. Today’s look is inspired by vintage Chanel! Yes, I’m talking about Chanel from the 90s! The 90s was such an important decade for Chanel because it transformed their look from being classic into the integration of sub-cultures, mainly hip hop. But instead of taking hip-hop so literally, Chanel’s creations were elegant, youthful and as always, classic. It was definitely full of “Clueless” (the movie – if you haven’t watched, pls do! it’s a classic) vibes.

So today, I wanted to bring a little vintage Chanel to you – not because I’m wearing 3 things from Chanel in this photo (yes I am obsessed and will forever be obsessed), but because vintage, pink plaid, and the 90s are back in today’s fashion.

Top from Zara
Trousers from Topshop
Sandals from Chanel
Bag from Chanel
Belt from Chanel

I borrowed this chain belt from my mom. She got it years ago when chains were a thing, and now it’s slowly becoming a thing again. I got these trousers because I thought it reminded me so much of vintage Chanel. Because I didn’t want to take it so literally, I paired the pants with a simple blouse, sandals and bag. I wanted the outfit to look subtle yet a little bit vintage.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little outfit post! Definitely more coming your way soon.

For now, I’ll be off to graduation!


KimBouy Tang


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