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Essentials for S/S18: The Bright Color

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I’ve just been enjoying my time in Cambodia since I’m finally back! Just catching up with everyone and going to events non-stop.

Okay for today’s post, it’s all about color! Summer’s coming around (well it’s already feeling like summer for me ever since I handed in my dissertation), so we have to start wearing some color.

Mellow Yellow

Yellow is usually a color I never go for but guess what? Yellow is perfect when you have a tan. Yellow makes you stand out in the crowd wherever you go since it’s such a bright color. That could either be a good thing or a bad thing. But let’s stay on the positive! I wore a yellow striped blazer with a denim skirt. A simple outfit, perfect for the hot weather. If it gets too hot, find an ice cream to cool you down! Yellow will always give you a summer feel, and you’ll be so happy wearing it!

Blazer from Bershka
Tube Top from Topshop
Denim Skirt from Topshop
Belt from Gucci
Bag from Chanel
Sunglasses from Zara
Shoes from Gucci

The Power of Pink

What’s color without pink? I think all of you know that it’s my favorite color by now…Anyways, today’s pink outfit is all about that pleated skirt. I’m loving this skirt because first, it’s cheap and yet it looks like it’s more than $100. I got this from Bershka and it fits me perfectly on the waist. I can always rely on Bershka to fit me in terms of their sizes, fit and all. I’m very petite and very small so thank god for Bershka! I decided to go for a more “working-lady” approach and wore a normal buttoned shirt with a tote bag. This bag is actually one of my favorite bags to use when travelling! It fits absolutely EVERYTHING – except for my laptop of course.

Blouse from UNIQLO
Skirt from Bershka
Shoes from Topshop (similar)
Bag from Hermès
Earrings from ASOS (similar)

I hope you guys are a little it inspired for this summer! It’s finally here and let’s start wearing more colors shall we?

Have an amazing day!


KimBouy Tang


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