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Time for Vacation Shopping

Hello everyone!

Told you I’ll post another blog post all about what I wore to Sicily. These are just some outfit inspirations for you guys who are planning to travel to the beach.

I’m actually visiting the beach soon myself! I’m so excited to see the ocean againnnn yayyy! I’ll definitely do another travel diary so stay tuned!

Wander Outfit

This outfit is for you explorers out there! The beach can get pretty hot, so this outfit is perfect for you wanderers who like to go on hikes or a walk down the beach. However, it’s not for swimming! So stay dry in these outfits because it includes jeans. I think the perfect pair of jeans to bring to the beach are light blue straight jeans, and if it’s ripped – the better. I don’t own the perfect ripped straight jeans in the perfect blue shade yet, I’m currently on the hunt! But the jeans I’m wearing are from Topshop – they’re the comfiest and I bought them over a year ago!

I’m wearing the same jeans for both pictures. The outfit with the t-shirt is perfect for travelling (I wore it on the plane) because it’s easy and stylish. The outfit with the crochet top is great for beach walks and hikes!

(Picture 1) T-Shirt from Gucci (similar-Pink)
(Picture 2) Crochet Top from Topshop
Straight Jeans from Topshop
Shoes from Hermès
Hat from Urban Outfitters
Bag from Marc Jacobs (similar)

The Beach Dress

When I wear beach dresses, I always try to go for mini dresses because they’re easy going and it looks better on me since I’m petite. But now, I’ve been trying to wear longer-midi dresses which fits perfect with the beach!

The first dress I wore to the beach is the long midi dress that I got from Urban Outfitters. It was so so surprised that the length fit me! It wasn’t too long – thank GOD. The crochet detailing of this dress made it even more beach-looking, which made it suitable for the beach. And let’s talk about that back, yasssss! The lacey back made the dress even more suitable for my shape. I think this dress would look good on anybody!

The second dress is a flowy dress that I used as an overall for my swimming suit. It’s perfect for the beach because you can just slip it on without having to worry too much about how it looks because it’ll look good either way. The dress actually has pants underneath (so technically it’s a romper) so it’s perfect for the windy weather.

(Outfit 1) Midi Dress from Urban Oufitters
(Outfit 1) Sandals from Chanel
(Outfit 1) Denim Jacket from Bershka (similar)
(Outfit 2) Mini Dress from Zara
Hat from H&M

The Co-Ord

Co-ords have been around and it’s not going anywhere for summer this year! I think co-ords are so fun and flirty, yet you don’t have to even think too much about it! You don’t have to worry about matching a top with another pair of skirt/pants, just match it with its partner. It’s like a love story! These are my favorite co-ords and guess what? You can wear the tops/bottoms with other tops/bottoms! That’s the good thing about co-ords because you will always have an extra outfit you can style it with.

Outfit 1
Co-Ord Top from River Island
Co-Ord Bottom from River Island

Outfit 2
Co-Ord Top from Topshop
Co-Ord Bottom from Topshop

“I’m a little extra” outfit

Ok, honestly am I the only one who likes to be a little extra when it come to travelling? Forget comfort, it’s all about FASHUN (yes, I know that’s spelled wrong, fight me -jk). Dress to impress am I right or am I right? But to be real though, I wore these for the gram. And I’m sure many of you ladies out there do the same thing as me….or maybe I’m just hella extra. Oh well. It’s fun! I can definitely see myself wearing these outfits to chill at a bar during the day-time AND night time – even though I went no where near the bar during my trip to Sicily.

Outfit 1
Top from Topshop
Skirt from Pull & Bear
Shoes from Hermès
Hat from Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses from Le Specs

Outfit 2
Blouse from Self Portrait
Shorts from Zara
Hat from Urban Outfitters
Shoes from Hermès
Earrings from H&M

The Cold-Shoulders

Cold-shoulders/off-shoulder tops are my absolute FAVORITE! It’s something about it that’s so flattering for any type of figure! These tops are legit my go-to’s every time I want to feel a little bit more dressy rather than just putting on a regular tank top. On the plus side, owning a white one – you can wear it with absolutely EVERYTHING. I wore this with shorts and jean shorts, but you can easily pair it with jeans, mini skirts, trousers, midi skirts…whatever suits your boat.

Top from Forever 21
Plaid Shorts from Bershka
Jean Shorts from Zara

Time for a dip!

I mean, the beach is there for us to swim in right? I brought 3 swimsuits when I went to Sicily because one was for each day I was going to “swim”. I “swam” a total of 15 minutes that whole trip…it was really cold and the beach was wayyyyy too rocky (THERE WAS NO SAND), so don’t judge me.

The black swimsuit that I wore has became a favorite go-to of mine! Even though I just bought it for the trip, I definitely see myself wearing this over and over again. I think that black swimsuits are investment pieces and are essential when it comes to beach-packing! Also, Seafolly is actually favorite swimwear brand of mine ever since I discovered it a few years ago. Their swimsuits are actually high quality and are not too pricey.

The second bikini I wore was a plaid blue swimsuit that I got from Abercrombie and Fitch. It’s actually quite hard for me to find nice/suitable swimsuits that suit me because I’m SO small, but Abercrombie and Fitch tend to have size XXS which suits me perfectly.

I didn’t take a photo of the first bikini I wore but I posted the overall! The overall is actually a gift that I got from Tobi! I got it a while ago and never got around to wear it because of the London weather.

Black Swimsuit from Seafolly
Plaid Bikini from Abercrombie & Fitch (top & bottom)
Cover-up from Tobi


Accessories at the beach are a GAME CHANGER. For those who thinks accessories are not important, SHAME ON YOU. But yeah, accessories can change your outfit from 1 to 100 with a pair of earrings. Plus, you look wayyy cooler. Here are some of the accessories that I brought on the trip (all linked below!)

Earrings – bring at least ONE pair of earrings that are dramatic! You can change your look very easily with a pair of earrings.

Sunglasses – I brought 3 pairs of sunglasses because I’m always extra. But be sure to bring at least one pair of black sunglasses when you pack because they match with everything!

Bags – When it came to choosing bags, I was a bit hesitant to being my Chanels/Hermès/Dior because I was worried of them getting lost, scratched, or HARMED in any way. Yes, I take care of my babies. So I decided to bring my Louis Vuitton bags and this new affordable bag that I got from Marc Jacobs. For me, it’s essential to bring a convenient tote bag where you can just shove EVERYTHING in. I used the tote bag on the plane, the beach, the hotel, and everywhere else. As for the mini LV bucket bag, I used it to look cute. LOL. Anyways, I got this new Marc Jacobs bag not too long ago and I’m in love! It’s the perfect summer bag because if its color and its quirky strap. The plus side? It’s actually not very pricey and its patent – so you don’t have to cry when you lose it or if its scratched. I also brought a woven bag that I got from Urban Oufitters to the trip because I thought it was quite trendy this season!

Hats – the beach is the perfect opportunity for you to wear large hats without feeling wayy too extra. I bought one black and one brown which suited EVERY outfit I wore. I think if you’re planning to go to the beach, bring a black one because black suits everything!

Headbands – ok, I usually look like a potato wearing headbands but I got this one from Mango and it actually doesn’t look that BAD. For those who suit headbands, I’m envious of you! Definitely try to wear headbands if you’re going to the beach because they’re super trendy for summer this year!

Shoes – when packing, be sure to bring a pair of slip-on sandals and a pair of flip flops!

Earrings from Zara
Tote bag from Louis Vuitton
Bucket bag from Louis Vuitton
Bag from Marc Jacobs (Similar)
Straw Bag from Urban Outfitters (similar)
Straw Hat in Brown from H&M
Straw Hat in Black from Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses from Dior (similar)
Sunglasses from Le Specs
Shoes from Havaianas
Shoes from Hermès
Headband from Mango (similar)

Sorry this took a while, I wanted this to be perfect because the beach is one of my favorite type of vacations to shop for! I can honestly shop for weeks preparing outfits for the beach, I know, I’m quite weird. I hope this blog post gave you some inspiration for your beach outfits! I hope you enjoyed it and have a fun time shopping!

I’ll be off to the beach again in 2 days WOOP WOOP! I cannot wait. This upcoming beach trip is going to be more chill, with less outfits because I want to enjoy my time with my friends. But don’t worry, plenty of pictures will be taken to keep you updated and inspired for YOUR upcoming beach vacations!


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