Travel Diary: Sicily

Hello everyone!

Omg, where do I start? This trip was one of the best and most de-stressing trip that I’ve ever been to. Everything we did was with the flow and nothing was rushed.

After finishing university and handing in my dissertation, I went on my grad trip with one of my best friends in London, Pearl. She’s a little person like me too, obviously why we get along so well.

This trip was dedicated to US and it was all about US. We wanted to be stress-free from all the workload and everything in London. We worked really hard, so we deserved a nice vacation. And Sicily, was the perfect location. This was probably the first time I’ve gone to a trip without thinking about the work load that I have back at home. Which was truly amazing.

Sicily, is a region that’s part of Italy (in case some of you didn’t know), and at Sicily, there’s different cities and parts to it that’s separated from each other. We went to Malfa (an island not too far away from Sicily mainland), Catalabiano (where our second hotel was), and Taormina.

Sicily’s Islands


As we flew from London to Catania Airport (the main airport in Sicily) at 4AM in them morning, we were so drained! Obviously, having no sleep at all, we were physically and mentally drained even though there was no work for us to do. It was going to be a long journey to our destination and we were ready for it. Flying from London to Catania Airport took roughly 3 hours. After landing, we had to transfer from Catania Airport to Milazzo Port in order to take the hydrofoil (faster version of a ferry) to the island, Malfa. The transfer took an hour drive. Afterwards, we had to ride the hydrofoil from Milazzo Port to Lipari (another island near Sicily) in order to go on the hydrofoil form Lipari to Salina Port (which was where Malfa was). YUP, quite a journey right? This took the WHOLE DAY. The hydrofoil took around 2 hours in total.

Malfa itself is a very quiet island. It’s not very saturated with tourists or people so it’s definitely the place to do if you want to go somewhere peaceful and quiet.

Malfa Hotel – Principe di Salina

After getting to Salina Port, we had the hotel driver wait for us to pick us up to go to the hotel. They made it convenient for us because they arranged all the transportation for us from the airport all the way to their hotel. The hotel we went to was Principe di Salina. This hotel was the most amazing and beautiful hotel ever! It only has 12 rooms available so it made the place extra special and closed off from everyone else. The view they had of the ocean was also amazing. We got to see the sunset everyday which was definitely a dream. They also had the view of the mountains, we could see the fogs and clouds, which was really cool to see.

We ate most of our meals at the hotel because it was convenient and also so delicious! They source local produce and fresh catches of the day so the food was definitely something to look up to when going to this hotel. We spent a lot of our time in Malfa in this hotel because it was just so convenient and relaxing. They had everything so we didn’t have to go out too much. We only went “hiking” and exploring on the second day, and that took only half the day. Most of the time, we were chilling by the pool, reading a book and enjoying the stress-free life.

Here’s the link to the hotel: link

Restaurant – Hotel Signum

For lunch on the second day, we decided to walk to the restaurant (which is around 16 minutes walk). The walk took longer because we kept stopping to take pictures. It was really nice to see the local life there and all the nature. It was amazing because it was SO QUIET. Barely any tourists or people and walking around made it really fun to explore the different sceneries Malfa had to offer.

We first wanted to go to the restaurant called Maracaibo, which was located on a cliff where you can see the view of the beautiful ocean. We walked all the way there and it turned out the restaurant was closed! Definitely a setback but we got to see the amazing sea views, so it was worth the walk. We walked back and decided to have lunch at Hotel Signum. Their restaurant had one Michelin star so nothing can go wrong with that. The food was really fresh and we enjoyed it a lot! The food was so so fresh and it was surprisingly cheap for a Michelin star. We expected it to be more than €100, but it was only around €60-70 for 2 dishes and drinks.

Here’s the link to the restaurant: link


Mainland Sicily


When we were booking our hotels in Sicily, we were told by our friends to stay somewhere North because that has the nicest scenery. We wanted to stay at Taormina but there were 0 hotels left for us to book! Crazy right? We booked 3-4 weeks ahead, but hotels were just booked out. We decided to stay in between Taormina and Catania (the city), Catalabiano. We knew we could travel up to Taormina or down to Catania anytime within 20 minutes with a taxi, so we weren’t really worried.

Castello San Marco Hotel

The hotel we decided to go with was Castello San Marco Hotel & Spa, which was located in Catalabiano. We though that this place would be really nice because they had their own beach. We got there…and guess what? The beach was CLOSED. Honestly, I felt like that they should have told us beforehand or added it in their description box. We wanted to spend most of our time there – like we did at Malfa. It was a little but inconvenient for us but we decided to travel up north to Taormina and spend our whole day there the whole day.

The hotel staff was pretty nice, except for one receptionist who was really rude when I asked her a few questions. She kept shrugging her shoulders when I asked simple questions about how to get to Isola Bella (Taormina), or if the island was walking distance. It put me off SO BAD. I cannot stand bad service. We were treated so well at Malfa, and coming back the mainland, we got an ignorant receptionist who for one, lived in Sicily (obviously), and two, is a receptionist – she should know all the little facts and tourist-y information. Very unhelpful, I had to call a restaurant to ask them about it. Even a RESTAURANT knew the little facts. Ok, I’ll stop the ranting now. But all in all, the hotel was very very pretty. Everyone else was very nice and the food was actually pretty good!

On the last day, I found out that the hotel is actually a historic mansion from the 17th century! That’s so crazy. It’s actually really cool because the owner and their family lives in the hotel. The hotel felt like a castle to be honest. Or like one of those mansions that were owned by really really rich family names – felt like a mansion from Shakespeare’s novels.

Here’s the link to the hotel: link


On the 4th day of Sicily, it was kind of our last full day so we decided to travel up north to Taormina and spend our whole day there. We went to the Taormina beach which was next to Isola Bella.

Okay, in case you guys didn’t know, Isola Bella is actually a small island that’s very near Taormina. By near, I mean NEAR. It’s walking distance! Crazy right? But it was really cool to walk to an island. You don’t really hear people saying that they do.

Anyways, when we first got to Taormina, we stayed at the Mazzarò beach area. We decided to rent out seats from La Plage Resort which made it a bit more private. It was a bit pricier than other parts of the beaches but it felt more comfortable. It was only €20 for two people, which was great.

We spent most of our time at Mazzarò, after lunch, we decided to go on a 45 minute boat excursion. We didn’t plan to, but there were tour offerings on the beach – there were tour guides going around and asking if people wanted to go on the tour. It was great because we didn’t plan anything or book any tours beforehand since it was all booked out. We travelled to hidden caves and it was absolutely stunning! I recommend anyone who’s going to Taormina to go on boat excursions to see the beautiful caves. The water was SO SO blue and clear. It felt like a dream.

In order for us to get from the beach to the city centre, we had to ride the cable car because we won’t be able to get to the top (which is the city centre area) unless we walk 45 minutes or ride the taxi. We wanted to see the view of Taormina so we rode the cable car which took only 10 minutes or less and cost us only 3 euros. We had some time to kill before dinner so we went out exploring the city centre. I definitely see how Dolce & Gabbana get their inspiration from! Sicily is definitely a colorful city, filled with colorful houses, friendly people, and absolutely AMAZING PATTERNS. It was so so beautiful to see the amazing patterns on plates, bowls and more! I bought a bowl which cost 20 euros, but definitely worth it because it’s SO PRETTY. Expect to see lots of lemons and colors when you travel to Sicily. Sicily is known for its peppers, lemons, colors, basil and almonds. Definitely try their olive oil and vinegar if you’re travelling there!

Restaurants in Taormina

Fusion Restaurant at La Plage Resort

Because we were already at their beach, we decided to have lunch at their restaurant called Fusion. The view they had of Isola Bella was absolutely stunning! Their food was actually quite great as well. We finally got some seafood in our stomachs. We had the Uni Pasta, some Lobster and tempura.

Trattoria Tiramisù

Okay, do not get this messed up with another restaurant called Tiramisù AS WELL. One’s a pizzeria and this one isn’t. I was reading reviews on restaurants and I found that this one has the BEST TIRAMISÙ. And I went to try it, it is safe to say that, YES definitely worth it. And the pastas…OMG. THEY TASTED SO CRAZY GOOOOOOOD. I haven’t had good pasta in ages and this was definitely the best pastas I’ve tasted so far in my life. Yep, I said it.

That’s it guys. This was my travel diary for Sicily. Outfits will be posted in another post! I don’t want to overwhelm you guys with a ton of pictures and stuff to read – so stay tuned!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as me writing it! It was a great trip, comment below if you have any questions!

Have an amazing day! I’ll be flying in a few hours again – can you guess where?


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