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This series is probably one of the highly requested blog series that were asked by you guys for me to do. Sorry that it took way too long for me to start this series but for the next few weeks, I’ll be revealing my most loved brunch spots, cafés, restaurants, Instagrammable spots and afternoon tea places today.

*please note: the places I’ve listed are based on my likings and preferences so please keep that in mind!*

Afternoon tea is such a British thing. All my friends think I drink tea and eat scones all day since I’m living in London. Yep, stereotypical, but hey, afternoon tea is such a guilty pleasure because you get to eat a full meal in the afternoon and everything looks absolutely pretty. Who would miss out on that?

Okay, for people who have no idea what the whole buzz about afternoon tea is…Afternoon tea is basically when you go out for a meal in the afternoon. Self-explanatory right? In every afternoon tea, restaurants starts your meal by giving you a set of savoury sandwiches, which usually includes cucumber, egg, chicken, and smoked salmon – some places serve different and unique sandwiches but this is the standard sandwich set that comes with the afternoon tea meal. Then they serve you scones (raisons or plain, your choice – I always prefer plain) with cream and jam. Lastly, they serve you a set of treats and cakes which are always different for each restaurant. And of course, they let you choose the tea that you want.

And for you alcoholics, you guys have a choice of having the afternoon tea set with champagne or without. Because, I prefer not to drink champagne (I had a really bad experience with it TWICE), I usually just go for the normal traditional afternoon tea.


Claridge’s is one of my number 1 go-to afternoon tea spots because of its authenticity and its heritage. If you’re visiting London, this place is definitely on the list if you’re looking to indulge in the traditional English Afternoon tea session.

I’ve always loved this place because for one, it’s so classy. Let’s be real, we are so into “posh” accents, lifestyles and everything. So if you want to experience the posh London life, definitely give this place a try. Prices are a bit pricey for afternoon tea (afternoon tea is actually pricey in general), but definitely worth it. Sometimes they have sandwich specials that has truffle in it – which is absolutely AMAZING. Also, everything, from the scones to the cakes, taste ON POINT. Usually I don’t eat much of the cakes but whenever I go to Claridge’s, I finish all their cakes! BTW, it’s advisable you book a week in advance, this place is always booked out.

Price: £60 (approx. 85 USD) per person without champagne

To try: EVERYTHING + Claridge’s Real Fruit Tea

Location: Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR

To book click here.


Sketch Gallery

I know what you’re thinking, this place is one of the most chliché and mainstream place EVER – but guess what? I LOVE IT. Everything is absolutely CUTE CUTE CUTE. When you go inside, everything is PINK and their bathrooms…are in the shaped of an egg…talk about creativity?

Sketch has different rooms, each room has a different scenery. For example, one of the rooms feels like you’re in a forest. But, I usually just go to the Gallery for the cute pink seats and egg-shaped bathrooms.

The food is okay, expensive but everything is cute so it’s forgiven. If you’re into the “Instagram” life, definitely try this place because everything is Instagrammable! Sometimes they have special starters like caviar and more so definitely check their website to see what their special is for the season.

Price: £58 (approx. 80 USD) per person without champagne

To try: their quirky bathrooms!

Location: Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG

To book click here.


The Drawing Rooms, The Ampersand Hotel

The Ampersand Hotel’s science afternoon tea is one of the quirkiest and innovative afternoon tea that I’ve been to! I’ve only been there once but it’s definitely a place to try if you’re looking for something different. Their tea is inspired by science so look out for smoke, planet-looking cakes, and syringes in your food!

Price: £37.50 (approx. 50 USD) per person without champagne

To try: their cakes

Location: Harrington Rd, Kensington, London SW7 3ER

To book click here.


Collins Room, The Berkeley Hotel

This place is for you fashion-lovers out there! They have amazing seasonal cakes that are inspired by different runway looks from designer luxury brands! Prepare to see inspirations from Dolce & Gabanna, Moschino and more. It’s the cutest thing ever.

Their cakes are shaped into shoes, bags, clothes, accessories and more. It’s definitely a place to go if you LOVE fashion.

Price: £52 (approx. 70 USD) per person without champagne

To try: their quirky mousse

Location: Wilton Pl, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RL

To book click here. 


Mad Hatters Tea, The Sanderson Hotel

This place is super quirky for those who are into fantasies, story-telling and have a sweet tooth. Their afternoon tea is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, so expect carrot-looking treats, obscene yet cute cakes and settings.

Their cakes are a bit too sweet for me but this place is perfect for those who are interested in a story-telling atmosphere!

Price: £48 (approx. 65 USD) per person without champagne

To try: their Scottish eggs

Location: Berners St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3NG

To book click here.


The Promenade, The Dorchester Hotel

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I love this place because of their amazing service and their cute tea sets. Honestly, the person who served me was so genuine and really nice. Their tea sets are so cute because they look like daisies. They take a lot of inspiration from flowers, so if you’re into flowers, definitely check it out. Also, this place has the best scones!

They have two different tea rooms – the Promenade and the Spatisserie but The Promenade is more known for its signature Dorchester afternoon tea.

Price: £60 (approx. 85 USD) per person

To Try: their freshly made scones

Location: Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1QA

To book click here.



Okay, what’s a love list made my me without mentioning Ladurée? I had a love-hate relationship with this place because they stopped serving my favorite cake at one point FOR A WHOLE YEAR. 365 days..honestly, probably more than that. I stopped going to Ladurée for a good few months because of that. But recently, they’ve just brought back my favorite cake, so I forgive them. And also, they don’t serve scones. Yep, I’m shook. My favorite part of afternoon tea is eating the SCONES.

Ladurée has always been my favorite place to get macaroons – even before I came to London. Their macaroons are the best because it’s so so crispy and their fruity flavors are always amazing. You can tell, I love anything fruity and floral – from food to perfume. I’m a little crazy, but let’s try to ignore that yeah?

There’s two locations for Ladurée (Covent Garden and Harrods) but I tend to go to the one at Harrods the most.

Price: £36.50 (approx. 50 USD) per person without champagne

To Try: my all-time favorite cake, Raspberry Passion Fruit Tart and my all-time favorite macaroon, the Raspberry macaroon. I’m a bit obsessed with raspberry, I know.

Location: Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL

To book click here. 

This is it guys! My little London Love List, Afternoon Tea edition. I don’t want to put ALL the places I’ve went to because it’s better for me to choose the places I enjoy most right? And yes, these are some of my favorites. Go try it and let me know which ones you enjoy most! Honestly, my absolute favorite is Claridge’s. But I gave you guys choices so go ahead and look at which one suits your taste buds and Instagram-buds better – I know you’re all just going for the snaps aren’t you? JKS.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this little list of mine. I know lots of you London-lovers are always on the lookout for places to try so that’s why I’m starting this series. Also, so many of you who are touring to London are always asking me for suggestions for places to visit so here it is! If you like it, please comment below – so I know you’re actually reading it!

Have a lovely day and happy tea hunting!


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