Essentials for S/S18: The Girl Boss

Hello everyone!

Today’s outfit is all about bringing out your inner boss-ness. Yes ladies, it’s all about girl power and wearing an outfit where you feel completely in control.

This is the perfect outfit if you’re one of those ladies who are always on-the-go, especially if you go to countless meetings.

Top from Japanese Brand (similar options: option 1, option 2)
Trousers from H&M
Shoes from Valentino
Blazer from River Island
Bag from Chloé

I wore a blouse that’s from a Japanese brand that I walked passed in Japan so I forgot the brand, but please look at the options I gave you! They look so similar. I love this blouse because the sleeves are kind of puffy. It gives me a little bit of 80s vibe. For the pants, I’m actually obsessed with it! Usually, I have to buy petite trousers from brands that has petite clothing such as Topshop, MissGuided, etc. But I found these ones that look perfect on me with the ankles rolled up and it’s from H&M. These pants are such statement pants because it’s EXTRA high waisted – this is probably the reason why I look so tall.

I went with an all white look because it creates such a statement when I walk into the room. All eyes on me right? You can never go wrong with an all white look. Wearing one color for your whole outfit is actually really on-trend and also makes such a strong statement about who you are and what you represent. This outfit is dedicated to you hard-working ladies out there! But if most of you don’t work, then don’t worry about it, wear this when you’re going out to eat…who cares right?

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and was inspired by it.

I will be MIA for the next 5 days because of dissertation so if my absence on social media is unexplained, please know that I’m currently finishing up my thesis paper!


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