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Essentials for S/S18: The Flared Pants

Hello everyone!

This week’s outfit is all about flared pants. I’ve been loving them so much! We’re going back to the 70s and borrowing some of their fashion. Flared pants that was a trend back in the 70s but now, it’s taking a come back. So yes, flared pants and platforms are back in fashion.

I honestly never thought of wearing flared pants…I’ve always thought it was out of fashion and that it would shrink my size. But guess what? It’s the opposite.

In my recent blog post “The Guide to a Petite Lifestyle”, we learned that high waisted pants make you 10x taller. And yes, if you’re trying to buy flared pants, do buy high waisted ones.

T-Shirt from Gucci
Pants from Boohoo
Heels from Saint Laurent
Sunglasses from Le Specs
Bag from Chanel

Instead of going full 70s, I went with a t-shirt to make it a bit less literal. These pants are perfect for Spring! It’s colorful and flared – which means it’s comfy! Although the size came a bit loose for me, the pants still look great. I wanted to buy something that was really out there and something that matches my t-shirt. I’m crazy over this t-shirt, I love the play on words from Gucci. Gucci has been playing so much with street style and I love it!

To complete the look, I paired the outfit with something more subtle for the shoes and bag. Since I’m already wearing pants that you can see from miles away, I don’t need to accessorise too much. In this outfit, I felt so fierce because of how out-there the color is. I’m playing with color more these days…kind of testing the water? What do you think about it?

Anyways guys, I hope you’ve been loving the new series and the new type of photos that I’m posting. I love blogging and I felt like it would be nice to change the content a bit and make it easier for you guys to navigate. How’s the layout/photos working for you? Please please DM me on Instagram if you have any suggestions, questions or anything for my blog! I read all of it!

I hope you enjoyed this. Have an amazing day guys!


KimBouy Tang


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