The Guide to a Petite Lifestyle

Hello everyone!

As you’re all wondering…how tall am I exactly?

EVERYONE asks me that EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY SEE ME. Okay, I get it. I’m short. Born short and staying short. For you petite ladies out there, you can all relate…am I right?

When I was younger, my mom kept bringing me to the doctors to ask my potential height. I was 130cm at the time (5th-6th grade). I honestly knew I was never going to reach 160cm (which was my *goal* at the time). My mom made me drink so much milk and take so much calcium and yet I grew at a very slow rate. When I mean slow, I mean SUPER SLOW. Even the doctors had no hope in my height. They predicted that I’ll grow till 145-150cm MAXIMUM. ooo gurl, I was mad. So I joined sports. Not one, but THREE. basketball, volleyball AND football. Supposedly it was supposed to help me grow but it didn’t do much honestly…I was still short but it did make me fall in love with playing these 3 sports. But we’re not here to talk about sports are we?

So yeah, I drank a lot of milk and realized that I was lactose intolerant (VERY LITTLE THOUGH DON’T WORRY I STILL DRINK MILK). Every single time I drank milk, my stomach would cramp and hurt for around 5-10 minutes and it would go away. So it’s not serious like other people who are lactose intolerant.

Let’s get back to height. I’m 156-157 cm. (no clue the exact decimal point is)

Many people on Instagram think I’m at least 165. I get a lot of people saying that I look super tall in my photos. HAHA JOKES ON YOU. It’s all about the angles, dear. This blog post is the guide for every petite lady out there.

Trench Coat from River Island
Belt from Gucci
Top from Moussy (similar)
Skirt from UNIQLO
Boots from Zara (similar)
Bag from Chanel
Sunglasses from Le Specs

It’s all about the CLOTHES.

Do you ever go to Zara and try on a dress which was supposed to be midi length but goes over your toes? Yep, that’s me. That’s why I don’t own many dresses from Zara.

Being petite can be hard when it comes to clothing. What would make you look tall?

From what I’ve learnt, we petite ladies look cute in ANYTHING. But here’s a few tips on buying the right clothes to fit your physique.

  • HIGH WAISTED ANYTHING IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. High waisted jeans, high waisted shorts, high waisted skirts etc etc will forever be our best friend. Why? Because it elongate your legs. Longer legs = TALLER.
  • SCOOP NECK IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. Although I love a good turtle neck sweater, scoop neck makes your neck look and seem longer. When your collar is too high up and is covering your chest/neck, it makes your upper body seem a bit short and a little bit hunched in.
  • GO CHOP OFF YOUR JEANS. By chopping it off, I mean cutting the length of it and showing off your ankles. Or buy jeans in a cropped length. Go for that “oh I’m too tall for these jeans” look – even though you’re really not. When your jeans or pants are drooping down your ankles, it just looks like you were too short for the jeans – which we are. I always cut off the length of my jeans because I’m too short for it – but hey, it gives the jeans the trendy fray-vintage vibes.
  • OVERSIZED? WHY NOT! Okay, so many people are actually scared of wearing oversized clothing – myself included. But sometimes oversized clothing items can make you look longer! An oversized/longer trench coat, for example, makes me look super tall!

5’1 looking like 6’1.

How to pose in photos? There are some people on Instagram who still thinks I’m taller than 5’1. Let’s be real okay? It has always been all about the angles. Here are a few tricks on how to look tall in your photos.

  • TIP TOE TO THE TOP. Tip-toeing OR wearing heels in photos makes your legs look taller! It’s a small little trick…I mean why do you think whenever we draw or see drawings of ballet dancers, their legs look so long! Another plus side is that it makes your body gesture look way better. If you’re sitting, put your legs towards the camera or do it at a certain angle – makes it look longer as well!
  • ANGLES ANGLES ANGLES. Yes, I said it again. Angles. Make sure anyone who takes your photos are not taking your photos from the top angle if you’re standing up! It makes you look shorter! When taking photos, try to go further away and take the photo from your eye-height or chest-height. If you’re taking photos closer to you, take the photos at a lower angle – your legs will look taller.
  • CANDID WALK. This may sound weird but one trick that you can do in photos is to walk towards the camera when taking photos. When you walk, your legs always look longer in photos!

All in all, being petite is awesome. Sometimes you can’t reach for stuff but hey, why do the work when you can ask someone else to do it! We should all embrace our sizes and figures no matter how we look. So be confident!

I hope these little tips will give a little help to you petite ladies out there! I don’t usually do these types of blog posts but I might as well try something new! Let me know if you do like it, so I’ll keep doing more of these kind of posts!

I hope you have an amazing day!


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