Travel Diary: Japan

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far. I back in London and it’s been raining for the past WEEK. and it’s not stopping…

Anyways, this blog is all about Japan! I went on a tour with my family just a week ago and it was so much fun! I FINALLY got to go to Japan and explore the beautiful scenery that it has to offer. It was a super short trip since my parents were busy and couldn’t stay longer but I definitely saw a lot of Japan!

Day 1

When I was flying from London to Japan, it was the unluckiest trip EVER. So first, when I got out of my apartment, my phone fell and the back shattered. Then when I arrived at Frankfurt for a transit, I GOT STUCK AT THE SECURITY CHECK. It was because there was an unidentified bag that was left in front of the security check. Jesus, it took more than an hour for them to get their shit together and let people through…There were so many people who missed their flight. My flight was about to leave but thank GOD they waited. When I arrived in Japan, I got stuck at immigration. LIKE WHY?! I asked them why because I’m 20 years old now, I can travel alone…and they were like I need to see your parents. I’m like tf you need my parents for LOL. But then I remembered my parents did my visa on my behalf back home and sent me my new passport. Thank god I arrived at the same time as them.. OK ANYWAYS – let’s move on from my dramatic rant.

On the first day, the first thing we did was visit this temple outside of Tokyo. The temple was beautiful (even though the weather wasn’t). It was lovely to see the countryside. The temple was called Kamakura Daibutsu and it was located at Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture.

After that, we transferred to this shopping complex and I did a little bit of shopping! I love shopping in Japan because you can just buy everything tax-free instead of going to the airport and collecting the money. I was shopping around and took a break with some coffee from this cute coffee stand. A CAT JUMPED ONTO MY LAP. I WAS SHOOK. omg it was the CUTEST and chubbiest cat I’ve ever seen. It was definitely was a munchkin cat, its feet were super short (like me)! For lunch, we went to this restaurant that has been open and serving katsu-don for over 100 years! It was super good.

We then went to our hotel which we were supposed to have the good view of Mt. Fuji…but guess what? THE SNOW STORM MESSED IT ALL UP. The predicted weather was actually 8-10 degrees but the unexpected snowstorm made it go to -2. I legit died, I didn’t even bring my thick thermal clothings! And the worst part, I didn’t even get to see Mt. Fuji!

First Outfit – Blazer from Gucci, bag from Hermés, Jeans from Topshop, Sweater from River Island, Shoes from Gucci
Second Outfit – Sweater from River Island, Jacket from Moncler
Third outfit – Shoes from Gucci, Dress from Gucci

Day 2

On the second day, we departed the hotel and went to this restaurant that served steamed seafood. It was really good! I’m sorry I don’t know all the restaurant’s names because we went with a tour! After the lunch, we went to Oshino Hakkai which had ponds that were part of the World Heritage Site. It was so beautiful – even though it was snowing really hard. I was actually freezing!

Then, we went to this sky walk which is one of the tallest ones in the world! That sky walk was supposed to have a really great view of Mt. Fuji. But nope, the snowstorm covered the view…instead it was raining AND snowing really hard.

That night, we transferred to Tokyo!

Turtle Neck Sweater from NAK-D
Jeans from Rag & Bone
Jacket from Moncler
Bag from Hermés
Shoes from Hermés

Day 3

On the third day, we went to the Sakura garden at Ueno Park. It was so beautiful! Even though not all flowers were bloomed, it was beautiful to see the flower that’s behind my name. Yes, sakura/cherry blossom is the meaning to the “Bouy” part of my name! Afterwards, we went to a temple and market at Sensō-Ji. It was beautiful to see such a vibrant culture. I saw so many people in Kimonos so I had to do it too! I rented out a Kimono outfit and it took AGES for me to prep. They did my hair for 10 minutes and took another 15-20 minutes to just wear the Kimono! I never knew it had so many steps and layers to the outfit. It was definitely a great experience. Any girls who’s going, you should definitely dress up in Kimonos!

For lunch, we went to this chain restaurant called Ichiran. It’s the BEST ramen in Japan! The stalls are single stalls, this means that you’re eating ALONE isolated from everyone. When they serve you food, you only get to see their hands! It was such a great experience, it made me focus more on my food and taste the goodness.

At night, we went back to our hotel at Shinjuku Prince Hotel. I quickly changed my outfit so that I could go out and explore! I walked around the Shinjuku area and shopped a bit. That night, we went for dinner at this Shabu Shabu place which was really good as well! I didn’t get the name of the restaurant but all I know was that it was around Shinjuku.

After dinner, my sister, my brother in-law and I went exploring in Shinjuku. It was crazy to see their nightlife. Lots of R-Rated stuff… I won’t go into details! We got hungry afterwards and went to eat at a random late-night sushi restaurant. It wasn’t that great but it definitely filled us up.

Outfit 1 – Sweater from Zara, Jacket from Stradivarious, Skirt from River Island, Sunglasses from Dior, Bag from Hermès, Shoes from Hermés
Outfit 2 – Dungaree from Topshop, Top from Zara, Bag from Hermés

Day 4

This was the last day for us, my family was leaving to Phnom Penh at 12AM and I was leaving the day after at 12PM.

This day was dedicated to shopping! We parted from the tour and decided to go shopping at Ginza. I got a few things. We went hunting for Hermés bags but unfortunately nothing was in stock. We then went for lunch at this place called Itamae Sushi. I was known in Ginza for its fresh and amazing tuna! The sushi was definitely mouth-watering. Loved the fatty tuna! My family left to rejoin the tour afterwards to go to the airport. It was a sad momenttt, but I’ll see them again very SOON!

After they left, I decided I wanted to go exploring alone in Japan at Shibuya. Shibuya is known for its trendy and teenage vibes. Although I got lost, I got to see and bought a lot of clothes from Japanese brands. They ALL FIT ME! Japan has more petite girls than Europe so all their clothes were tailored to be for more petite girls! So yep, I was so happy and went mad. At 8pm, I left Shibuya to go back to my hotel. I GOT LOST. It was a scary moment but it took me ages to find my way back. Shinjuku station is HUGE so I was trying to find the right pathway and exit nearest to my hotel but that got me lost as fuck. But I got to the hotel and changed to warmer clothes to go for dinner ALONE and to shop a bit more. I went to dinner at Yoshinoya since there were a lot of people that were alone – didn’t wanna feel bad that I was in Japan alone LOL. Anyways, I ate quickly to go shopping right after. I only had 1 hour to shop so I speeded and didn’t try on ANYTHING. Whoever is going to Japan and is looking for a mall filled with Japanese brands, go to Lumine Est in Shinjuku – it has ALL the cute and trendy clothes. I wish I had an extra just to shop a bit more.

Dress from Zara, Belt from Gucci, Bag from Hermés, Sneakers from Gucci

Day 5

Day 5 was the day I was leaving. I didn’t plan or intend to do anything more in Tokyo because my flight was already leaving at 12pm. I was alone so I was lazy to go anywhere. I wanted to get to the airport early so that I can rest and eat in the lounge…but guess what? The flight delayed for 2 hours….I told you, this trip was actually very unlucky for me. When I got to the airport, I couldn’t check in yet since it was too early to. Instead, I had to wait for an extra hour and a half to get in. When I got in, I just went to the lounge and chilled. I was honestly drained from waiting…I just wanted to go home…

But yes, I arrived home safely but very late due to the stupid delays.

All in all, it was a really fun trip filled with exploring and shopping despite the setbacks of travelling there and coming back.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’ll definitely post a Youtube video of a Japan haul very soon so stay patient!


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