Day 3&4: London Fashion Week AW18

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*some of the photos are not in their upright position – no matter how many times I have to rotate it, it stays the same so please ignore and sorry for the inconvenience!*

This is the continuing post from the Day 1&2 of LFW.

On Day 3, it was one of the last days of LFW for me even though it’s 5 days long. I was only going to stay till day 4 because I booked a holiday/vacation outside of London. It’s kind of a detox for me – to live less busy and be relaxed.

Day 3

On the third day, I was a little less tired after resting in the morning the day before. I had 4 shows to go to this day but I only went to 3 since I was so tired towards the end of the day. I had to skip Rocky Star – and I saw the collection online and they were so pretty – I definitely should have went… For the last show, I had to force myself to get up from my bed to go to the show since it was at 9:30PM omfg.

Outfit 1 of Day 3

I wanted to wear something vibrant, spring-inspired, and a classy outfit. So I decided to use my trick I used on the first day and wear one color. I chose pink of course because it’s my favorite color. London was sunny, but it was still cold – so I wanted to dress more “weather-appropriate” so I won’t catch a cold. The whole outfit is from Topshop (except the shoes, bag and coat). Yep, I went a little crazy at Topshop the other day.

I got featured in an online magazine called Imagine a Lady and Glamour Spain asked to photograph me for their website! Got a lot of pictures from photographers as well – I guess pink screams “look at me”. It’s a simple outfit but the color makes it interesting.

Turtle Neck Sweater from Topshop
Trousers from Topshop
Shoes from Christian Louboutin
Coat from Zara 
Bag from Gucci
Earrings from Topshop

Edeline Lee

The first show I went to was Edeline Lee which was at 10:30AM in the morning! I had to wake up so early to get ready but it was definitely worth it. The collection was very minimalistic and nature-inspired. The presentation itself had a forest/garden kind of scenery.

Apu Jan

The next show I went to was at 11AM. I had to rush from Edeline Lee to the next show within 30 minutes, it was crazy that I made it. I was sat front row for this show and it was amazing to see all the clothing close up. His collection was very similar to Joseph’s vibes. Minimalistic, wearable, basics – they were all so chic. There were some pieces that had a lot of texture and patterns which were really refreshing. There were a few pieces that caught my eye.

Outfit 2 of Day 3

Because it was SO LATE at night – I got lazy…I admit. I wore something that was super basic even though it doesn’t look “that” basic thanks to the beret and belt. I grabbed anything I could find since I woke up from a nap 30 minutes before. I decided to go with a trend that’s been around for a while and wear my belt on top of my coat to make it look more chic.

Turtle Neck from UNIQLO
Coat from Zara (similar)
Faux Leather Leggings from Topshop (similar)
Boots from Saint Laurent
Beret from Zara (similar)
Bag from Chanel


Yep, this show was at 9:30PM and it didn’t start till 10PM. It was sooo late. But it was definitely worth it! The collection was absolutely STUNNING! EVERY SINGLE PIECE WAS TO DIE FOR. I want everything… The collection was pretty similar to Ralph & Russo’s collection but they were still amazing. The collection was inspired by swans and I definitely did see it. It was magical and majestic.

Day 4

My last day attending fashion week…or should I say morning? I had to leave right after the show to pack for my holiday and my train was leaving at 1pm that day. I had to rush! But it was a fun morning bringing out one of my closest friend Pearl to her first LFW show!

Outfit of Day 4

I went with something comfy and weather appropriate this day. I didn’t want to dress up too much since one, I was hella lazy, and two, I was leaving in a few hours. So I decided to wear checkered over checkered. It was risky but it worked since the checkered pattern on my trousers weren’t too exaggerated.

Top from H&M (Similar)
Trousers from The Editor’s Market (similar)
Hat from River Island
Bag from Chanel
Coat from Zara (similar)

Paul Costelloe

This show was the funnest show I went to for LFW this season! It was so interactive and fun. There was a band, and the models wear dancing around! It was so entertaining. I got to meet a few people and they offered champagne, water, and some snacks on the side. The collection was also beautiful. The dresses were so pretty and it would be perfect for a parties.


That’s it folks. All of the shows that I went to this LFW AW18. I went to 11 shows in total! TIERING 4 DAYS OF MY LIFE. I was invited to about 15-20 shows in total but I had to ditch some because of my vacation and also in some of the days, I was too tired. But yay – checking LFW off my bucket list!

I’m still so happy that I attended, it was an amazing experience to see brands showcase their collections in different ways at different venues.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully it gave you a little insight of how it’s like at London Fashion Week.

See you soon!


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