The Last Post of 2017

Hello everyone!

Long time no talk. I’ve been away on holiday and spending time with my friends and family at home. It’s been so so lovely to catch up with everyone and just have that feeling of home again. I’ve been homesick. And now that I’m home, I’m the happiest I could be.

How is everyone’s winter break going? I hope you had an amazing time this December!

Unlike everyone else, I’m enjoying the heat in my home country. It’s been a good break from London’s bipolar and super cold weather. I loveee wearing summer clothes omg! FINALLY I GET TO WEAR SUMMER CLOTHES THAT I’VE BEEN SAVING UP FOR THE PAST FEW MONTHS. Tbh, I wasn’t saving it up, I was hoping London could have a sunny week for a week but it didn’t…

ANYWAYS, I wasn’t going to post a blog till next year (it’s TODAY HOLY SHIT). BUT, I wanted this post to be a little bit special to just let you guys know what I’m up to and a small little inspiration for those who are living/visiting a hot country this winter.

Today’s outfit is all about that Latina vibe – although I can never be as saucy and as pretty as one. Red, earrings, bold lips, polka dots, voluminous sleeves – this outfit has everything.

Top from Miss Selfridge (similar)
Jeans from Topshop (same but different color)
Shoes from Dolce & Gabbana (similar)
Bag from Chanel
Earrings from Topshop

Polka dots are so in trend nowadays – it was on trend during summer and I still think it’s still on trend today (at least for us peeps in hot countries during winter). With the voluminous sleeves, I thought it would pair perfectly with red – to go for a Latino vibe. So I used a dark red lipstick, red earrings and shoes that had red flowers on it to complete the look. Here’s a tip: always try to color coordinate with any part of your outfit. You can match your earrings with shoes or top with your bag. The list of possibilities are endless.

Ok. Let’s take a moment to adore my bag. I know this makes me sound super spoiled but I LOVE THIS BAG SO MUCH – even more than my Hermés Constance. This bag is the HARDEST BAG to find. EVER. It took me 4 months to find. I had sources everywhere – in EVERY Chanel boutique in London. It was sold out the moment it was released during summer and never came back till late November. Since I had to wait for so long, I wanted the bag more. The sales associate gave me so many other options of different colors like black, gold, all white or multicolor but it wasn’t the right one for me. I wanted one particular one and I had to go through a personal shopper to get it. Shoutout to Threads Styling for getting my bag all the way from Paris (the last one!!).

Moving on…my site will be under construction during January! I will still be posting blog posts, the layout will just be weird and ugly – so I hope you don’t mind. I’ve decided to take this blog to another level by making it more interactive and easy for you to navigate through the site. We’re growing, and I want it to be easy and perfect for you guys to read my posts.

ALSO, I will still be posting in January but not as often. It’s because of my final exams. I have 2 exams and it’ll be the end of my Bachelor (kind of, end of classes at least. I still have a dissertation to finish). So I hope you understand!

Have an amazing new year everyone! I’ll be posting a New Years post with resolutions and outfits for you soon so stay tuned! I wish you all the best with your life, your goals and I hope every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy f*cking New Year! Instagram is going to be filled with captions like “New Year New Hair” – I’m going to do it for sure. Yep, I’m basic af.

I love all of you and thank you so so much for keeping up with me this year and staying with me through this blogging journey! Have a beautiful day and night! Party your asses off for this New Years!

Bye-Bye 2017. You’ve been great!



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