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Winter Warmness with Balenciaga

Hello everyone!

Another week, another blog post!

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Balenciaga. Their collections this year is so minimalistic, yet they’re so attractive to the eye. Maybe it’s just me but they’re like the new Gucci – we all remember the time Gucci fashion jumped back into our lives out of now where with their shoes and t-shirts. So this week’s post is inspired by the Balenciaga look.

Looking at their runway looks, Balenciaga’s “look” leans towards a masculine minimalistic look with dashes of color here and there. And today, that’s what I did.

Top from Nak-D
Skirt from H&M (Similar)
Jacket from Zara
Pouch from Balenciaga (smaller version)
Cap from Balenciaga
Boots from Hermès

I am obsessed with their Le Bombardier leather jacket. However, I’m the type of person who wouldn’t spend above £2000 for a jacket – especially when I don’t live in a cold country (only here for another year and a half). Maybe it’s just me, but that’s just how I think. I like to invest in other pieces like bags because their prices goes up every year. ANYWAYS, yes, I bought a jacket that’s similar to the Balenciaga jacket and I am so in love! It’s the warmest + softest thing that I’ve worn so far – coming from a high street brand, it says a lot.

Inspired by one of their runway looks from AW16, I paired the jacket with a red sweater and a black skirt. Red is the new black guys! I’ve been playing with color more and red’s officially my new favorite color (after pink)…

It’s not a Balenciaga-inspired outfit if there’s no Balenciaga in it. For accessories, I added 2 matching pieces that I recently got, a logo pouch and a cap. Like I said earlier, I am obsessed with Balenciaga lately. I was considering to get their shoes as well, but those type of sock-sneakers don’t suit me very well. To finish it off, I wore a pair of black Hermès boots that has some silver detailing, which made the outfit a bit more interesting.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

See you soon!


KimBouy Tang






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