One Way to Wear Leather

Hello Everyone!

It’s been ages since I blogged, sorry for being MIA. My parents were in town and I was their official tour guide and translator.

Been busy all week this week trying to do my dissertation as well. I want to finish up as much as possible before I go on a trip next weekend. I’ll be blogging the whole trip, don’t worry – you won’t miss a thing. (Unless you don’t want to know then..awks)

Anyways, today’s outfit is solely dedicated to the horrible weather in London. Yes, it’s been raining A LOT and the sky is blue for like 4 seconds. The outfit is one way for you to wear leather when you’re stepping into winter. No, don’t wear this outfit under 1 degree celsius – unless you want to freeze. This is the outfit for the transitioning of autumn to winter. The weather is weird when the seasons are transitioning, one day it’s cold where you have to wear 5 layers and another day you can wear a nice skirt. This is for those days when you can wear a skirt.

Turtle Neck Sweater from The Kooples (similar)
Leather Jacket from Reserved
Skirt from Topshop
Clutch from Charles & Kieth (similar)
Boots from Saint Laurent (similar)
Sunglasses from Le Specs 

I got these new sunglasses from Le Specs, and I absolutely love it. It gives the whole outfit a very vintage vibe with a little bit of rock to it. Cat eye sunglasses are definitely making its way back in and it’s going to stay for quite sometime.

Patent leather is also becoming a trend for this season. Whether it’s a skirt or pants. I don’t pull off patent leather pants too much so I went with a skirt. This look is gives you a little bit of a vintage feel but with a modern twist.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! I’M SO SORRY my youtube video isn’t out yet. It will be soooon! I’ll upload two. It’s just a lot going on lately and I never get to find the time to do so.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

See you soon.


KimBouy Tang


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