That London Style

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another post for this week. I hope I don’t get too boring for you.

Today, I have with you an outfit that is inspired by the “London Look”. In the past, London was the city to be for punk and rocker chics. So they’d wear plaid and always had that strong/punk/cool chic vibe. So today, I made a little tweak to what I think the “London Look” would look like today.

Dress from Topshop
Shirt from Zara
Bag from Dior
Belt from  Gucci 
Shoes from River Island (similar)
Baker Boy Hat from River Island (Similar)

To add onto that London style, I decided to add a baker boy hat that’s super cute. It ties the whole outfit together, giving it a more unique look. I’m so into hats and berets now, it’s weird – I used to absolutely hate them since I get annoyed.

I’ll try to post consistently 2 posts in a week from now on so you guys get more content from me. But I can’t guarantee for next week because all my deadlines are next week – I’m freaking out! Hopefully I finish all my work on time so I can create some content for you.

I hope you liked this post! See you again next week!


KimBouy Tang


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