One Warm Day in London

Hello everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday, I went to this cute cafe/restaurant called Treve and Hyde in Aldgate East and they had the BEST interiors. It was super cute and PINK – perfect for for me.

I’ll be sharing you 1 of 2 outfits that I took photos of yesterday – the next one will be coming soon. 1 café, 2 outfits – talk about killing two birds with one stone! No honestly, I planned to go to another place to take photos but Treve and Hyde took my breath away so I stayed.

Their staff was super nice as well – I kind of got a free Matcha latte? They knew I was blogging so they made a super nice matcha latte just for me to take photos – talk about customer service!!

Anyways, it was hot yesterday in London so I took advantage of the weather as much as I could before it turned BROWN. IT WAS SO WEIRD, it was sunny the whole morning and when it hit 2:30PM, THE SKY TURNED BROWN AND SEPIA. Honestly, for those who loves using the sepia effect on your photos, come to London – you won’t ever use the filter again because the sky itself is sepia af. London’s weather is such a party pooper.

Okay enough about me ranting about how shitty the weather is here, I’m going to tell you about my super floral/ruffle/flowy outfit. I got this top in summer (of course, the chiffon ruffles gives  it away) and I never really got to take a photo with it to share  it with you guys. Since it was hot yesterday, I wore it out.

Top from Zara (similar)
Skirt from Topshop
Shoes from Jimmy Choo (similar)
Bag from Chloé

This top is actually really hard to match  a bottom with because of how flowy it is. It can give off that “preggo” look (AND I AM NOT  PREGGO). At first, I wanted to wear this with jeans but somehow jeans made me look extra fat with this top. So I decided to go with a white denim skirt to show a little skin – and this made me look less short and fat. Here’s a tip: when wearing something heavier for your top, try to settle with a more subtle bottom so it shows that your top is actually supposed to be loose/flowy.

I hope you liked today’s outfit! It’s a bit more summery but who cares right?

I hope you’re having a lovely day.


KimBouy Tang



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