Wait what, I’m 20?!

Hello everyone!

2 posts in one day! Surprisee!


…totally not freaking out…totally…calm….

Okay, on the serious note – I feel super blessed to be where I am today hitting 20. I have the privilege to have loving and caring people around me all the time, and for that I’d like to thank anyone who has given me love and support in the past and in the present. And for the people who are just waiting for me to fail, do not worry – my dissertation is coming up so you’ll be amused very soon! jks. don’t. No but honestly, I’m thankful for all my supporters and followers out there! You guys are the absolute best.

I know you guys aren’t hear to read about how thankful I am of my life so here’s what I did on my birthday!

Midnight 12AM

I was out at the arcade the night before and my friends came to my house afterwards. Bill was like, ‘oh Kim go shower, you have an early class tomorrow’. I of course found it suspicious. So while I was showering, my friends set up a surprise for me with cake and decorations!

Morning 10AM

I woke up, late of course and got ready. Since it was my birthday, I decided to get super dolled up. And yes, I skipped my morning class. I was surprised with some beautiful Vera Wang roses. I love roses – they’re my favourite.

Lunch 12PM

I went to lunch at this place called Bourne and Collingworth – it was my first time there and it was amazing. The reason why I went there is truly because it was so pretty and I thought that it would be suitable for a birthday celebration with a few of my girlies. If any of you are planning to go there anytime soon, definitely have the lamb for your main – it’s the best. My friends surprised me with a small cake when we finished the lunch and it was lovely.

Dress from Claudie Pierlot

Afternoon 3PM

In the afternoon, I went for afternoon tea at Hotel Cafe Royal for their Diptyque traditional afternoon tea. Their decor is amazing and it makes you feel like you’re in a palace! They also have such great sandwiches and blueberry tarts, I loved it. The bonus part of this is that I get a free Diptyque gift box at the end – they had my favourite scent Baies. Toward the end, Bill surprised me with a little cake presentation and a guy playing the Birthday Song for me – it was so so lovely.

Dress from Claudie Pierlot
Sheos from Chanel
Bag from Chanel

Evening 6PM

This was the part that I was looking forward too the most. Dinner! For my 20th birthday, my parents weren’t able to come the London to celebrate it with me so they decided for me to plan a birthday dinner for me and my friends. I wanted the dinner to have some sort of black and white or “Gatsby” theme to it so I decided to go with Gaucho because they are known for their amazing cowhide decorations. Bill decorated the whole venue with my name sign, birthday signs and made the dinner UNICORN THEME. Yes, I LOVE UNICORNS. THEY WILL FOREVER AND ALWAYS BE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. I had some tuna ceviche for a starter, sirloin for the main and cheesecake for my dessert. After that, I was surprised with a UNICORN CAKE AND CUPCAKES. I WAS SO SHOOK AND HAPPY OMFG.

When dinner ended, my friends and I made our way to the after-party which is bowling. I decided to keep it 20% alcohol for this birthday because I got bored of clubbing and drinking so much! I brought extra shorts to wear over my dress so it was easier to bowl. Everyone enjoyed bowling and some of us went to the arcade afterwards.

Dress from Topshop
Fur Coat from Zara
Belt from Gucci
Shorts from Cottonon

All in all, it was the best birthday yet! I had so much fun!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know it’s all about me and my personal life but I love sharing with you guys these types of things. I hope you don’t mind it. Anyways, I’ll end this rant about my personal life BYE!

Have a lovely day!


KimBouy Tang


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