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Hello everyone!

Post 2 for this week! I’m getting the hang of this – posting twice a week. I hope you guys are enjoying 2 posts in a week – or is it too annoying? Annoying or not, I’m gonna keep bothering you guys! haha jks

How’s everyone’s week going? All fresh and fabulous? My week’s been good lately, I’ve been lazy all day and super unproductive all week. Super fun, I know.

I have this outfit for you and it’s inspired by the Parisienne vibe. Stripes and a beret – always shout “PARIS” for me.

Jumpsuit from New Look (similar)
Ankle Boots from Saint Laurent (similar)
Backpack from Chanel
Choker from Zara (similar)
Beret from Zara (similar)
Sunglasses from Dior

I’m sure you guys have seen it around the blogosphere (aka Instagram), everyone’s been wearing the jumpsuit. Either striped, polka dots, flowers – patterned jumpsuits are back in trend. To match with the striped pattern of the jumpsuit, I wore a pair of ankle boots and a black backpack – I wanted to keep it plain with the accessories so it’s not a distracting outfit.

I hope you’re having an amazing week! I’ve also posted my Birthday post today – read how I spent it here.


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