The Polka Dot Playsuit + How I Edit My Photos

Hello Everyone!

I’m back with another post – 2 blog posts in 1 week for 2 weeks in a row AND a Youtube video! Be proud of me. If you guys are here to find the video, scroll down and there’s a link for you to watch the video where I show you how I edit my Instagram photos!

Anyways, I hope you guys are having an amazing day and week! I will definitely be having a good week because it’s my Birthday tomorrow! Super excited to have a few more responsibilities turning 20. Yes, I’m getting old. It’s so weird to think I was in high school 2-3 years ago when it feels like yesterday.

Today, I’m giving you an outfit that every Instagram blogger is wearing lately – Polka dots! I love polka dots, they give such a cute perkiness to your outfit.

Playsuit from Urban Outfitters (similar)
Belt from Yves Saint Laurent (similar)
Flats from Charles & Keith
Bag from Chloe
Bracelet from Paul Hewitt

I decided to stick with that “Parisienne vibe” for this outfit by adding a cute beret. I don’t know, polka dots just sometimes scream FRENCH to me. Because the playsuit was a bit loose for me (my everyday problem for being to short), I decided to add a belt to make the outfit less simple. To match my polka dot playsuit, I wore some cute pearl black and white flats.

How I Edit My Photos


I use only 2 apps on Iphone to edit my photos, the first is Lightroom and the second is PicsArt.

Lightroom (click here to download) – I use this to adjust the features of the photos, such as brightness, exposure, contrast, blacks, whites, highlights, shadows, and etc.


PicsArt (click here to downlaod) – I use this app to add filters to my background of my photo.

Watch how I edit my photos:

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s posts! I’ll be enjoying the rest of my week I hope you enjoy yours!

See you next week.

KimBouy Tang


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