The Lacey Top

Hello everyone!

Happy Monday! A new week a new start right? My classes are starting VERY soon and I’m kind of freaking out – it’s my last year and the work load is going to be CRAZY.

Today’s outfit was inspired by the pastel colors. I wanted to  give you a more feminine feel to my Instagram feed – since it’s been super black and white lately.

I got this gorgeous top from Topshop, it’s a peplum lace top and it’s super cute! I’m always crazy for a cute top and this is it! For you Khmers out there reading this, you can definitely wear this out to formal events – Morning ceremonies, wedding morning ceremonies, etc.

Lace Top from Topshop
Jeans from Topshop
Shoes from Chanel
Bracelet from Paul Hewitt
Bag from Chloé

I matched the top with these new jeans that I got from Topshop AS WELL. Honestly, I love Topshop – it has the trendiest clothes with an affordable price tag. I’m a student here so I’ve been getting 20% off and I’m loving it. Okay, back to the jeans – I decided to go with the “peplum” theme and paired the top with these light blue flared jeans. To keep  the outfit feminine, I decided to pair it with an oversized pink fluffy cardigan.

As for accessories and shoes, I kept it neutral and stuck with nude and gold colors.

I’ll be uploading a Youtube video this week so stay tuned – hint: it’s about editing photos! The highly anticipated video that SO MANY of you have requested for. And honestly, I use only 2 applications –  and no, Photoshop is not one of it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! See you very soon.


KimBouy Tang



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