The Leopard Edit

Hello Everyone!

I’m back with another blog post.

Today, I’m bringing you the oversized cardigan look that every famous blogger has been wearing so far.

I NEVER wear green – it’s obvious, I hate green. But this is an exception, I love the print of the cardigan so I had to have it. With the weather getting colder and the sky getting greyer, I bought this thick cardigan from Topshop.


Cardigan from Topshop
T-Shirt from ASOS
Skort from Editor’s Market
Watch from Paul Hewitt
Clutch from Dior
Shoes from Gucci
Glasses from street store in Bangkok

Let’s face it, this outfit is one of Kim’s classic comfy outfit. Yes, it is. Except it has a print. So it’s less boring! Any black bag would look well with this outfit. So if you guys are doing something like this, just use any bag. Here’s a small tip: when pairing accessories and handbags, make sure their detailing are the same. For example: gold earrings and gold detailed bag – it makes the outfit more cohesive and less messy.

I hope you guys liked this blog post!

See you next time!


KimBouy Tang


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