Autumnal Colors

Hello everyone!

How is your weekend going so far? Lots of sunshine and food and friends?

My weekend’s been great so far. A break from work and I’m finally MOVING to a new flat! Super exciting hehe. I’ll be making a Youtube video sooon just to talk to you guys one on one about moving, why I moved and basically an update on life.

So today’s outfit, it’s all about autumnal colors. I’m usually a black&white gal but I decided to change it up more this autumn. I mixed this outfit with mustard, dark green (I NEVER WEAR GREEN OMG), and navy. Yes this may be odd but it works.

Shirt from Cintage Official
Skirt from Editor’s Market
Boots from Charles & Kieth
Coat from Zara
Bag from Chanel

The boots that I’m wearing from Charles & Keith is super comfortable. Patent shoes usually hurt but this one doesn’t! Pairing green with mustard is odd but it works if you do it with the right pieces.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday! It’s my moving day tomorrow so wish me luck!


KimBouy Tang


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