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Hello everyone!

Another post for you today! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far. I’ve had a good week/weekend so far and everything’s filled with sunshine and occasional rainy days.

Today, I’m sharing with you my b/w outfit that I wore a few days ago. I love black and white, it’s so chic and NOTHING can go wrong with black and white.


Blouse from
Skirt from Cintage Official (Thai Brand)
Heels from Fendi
Bag from Chanel
Sunglasses from Marco Polo Italy

Black and white can come off as boring sometimes but if you add a little color detail here and there, it doesn’t hurt. With this outfit, I added some gold detail from the bag, shoes and sunglasses.

I hope you guys enjoy this little outfit post! There’s been a lot of response on the Giveaway and I’m so so happy that you guys are entering! It really encourages me to continue doing what I love doing and giving back some love to you guys with this giveaway. We’re still at 17.3k followers, I don’t think that we’ll reach 20k in TWO days BUT, let’s not put our hopes down and keep going. Instead of posting on story, I hope you guys can repost it on your Instagram accounts as a picture! 2 days left, keep posting! Good luck to everyone!

  • For those who just found out about the Giveaway, you guys still have 2 days left! You guys can follow me on Instagram and see how to enter OR click on this link:

Update: I’m working on a mini project with Facts&Supply so be sure to follow them on Instagram to get the latest updates! It’ll be released soon, so stay patient!

I love all of you and THANK YOU again for supporting!!


KimBouy Tang


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