Travel Diary: Mini Bangkok Trip! + Giveaway

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How is everyone doing today? I’ll be posting my giveaway here so keep on reading on how to win the giveaway! – OR just skip everything and go to the very end for rules and how to apply!

I went to Bangkok spontaneously AGAIN with my family. My family’s in love with Bangkok because of the food and their hospital services are always ON POINT – honestly I think they have one of the best services/doctors there.

So yes, I got sick last week and I rushed to Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok for a small checkup – it wasn’t anything serious so DON’T WORRY! I just caught a really contagious cold so my body, mind and voice was just GONE. I’m much better now!

So for this travel diary, I’m gonna do it a little bit different – I’m separating it by sections so hopefully you guys like this layout better (let me know in the comments if you do!).


I have 4 outfits to show you – they’re not super detailed like my other outfit blog posts but hopefully that’s okay with you! These are all comfy and trendy outfits so I could have a relaxing trip in Bangkok.

Outfit 1 – Shirt from CPS Chaps, Shorts from Bershka, Bag from Hermés, Shoes from Gucci

Outfit 2 – Shirt from Siam Square (one of the shops around there, I forgot the name since it was a long time ago!), Shorts from CottonOn, Bag from Hermés, Shoes from Gucci

Outfit 3 – it’s the same as outfit 2 since it was the same day, and I only changed my shirt. Shirt from CPS Chaps

Outfit 4 – Shirt from Zara, I wore shorts underneath the oversized shirt



The food in Bangkok is ALWAYS ALWAYS amazing. The street food, the thai food, the snacks, the sweets, and the seafood – BASICALLY EVERYTHING. Here’s a few restaurants and snack places that I went to!

Somboon  (click for link and address!)

I went to this restaurant for dinner on the first day and it was amazing! I always end up there for every Bangkok trip because the seafood is just WAY TOO GOOD! So if any of you are looking for a really good and affordable seafood restaurant in Bangkok, this is the place to go! (P.S. I didn’t have too many photos of the food there because I was wayy too hungry!)


Siam Street Food

I love street food, it’s super authentic and super cheap as well! If any of you are looking for street food in Bangkok and didn’t find any lately, it’s because street food stalls are not allowed to be out on the streets like before – I think a new rule was implemented, but I’m not sure.  So I was walking around at night around 9-10PM, I walked across this “Street Food” stalls – it was basically an alley full of street food. It’s a road after the Novotel Siam road. If you guys are looking for some street food, definitely try walking around there at night – there’s none during daytime! They had all sorts of food such as seafood, pork/beef/chicken skewers, mango, sour food, juices and more!


Kub Kao Kub Pla (click link for address and website)

This place is full of authentic Thai food. They have desserts too – but I didn’t get to try them. Their menu was filled with authentic Thai food and unique tastes. There were strawberries in one of the dishes! The restaurant had such an earthy vibe. This restaurant is located in EmQuartier (I posted a few photos of EmQuartier below as well!)


Kouen Sushi Bar (click link for website and location)

I’m such a fan of Japanese food! What can really go wrong with sushi? NOTHING. My friend in Bangkok recommended me to go try this place with him and it was so so good! And guess what the plus side is? IT’S AN ALL YOU CAN EAT RESTAURANT. I know what you’re thinking, usually all-you-can-eat restaurants aren’t as good – BUT NO THIS ONE IS SUPER GOOD. It was only around 1,400 baht/person and it’s all you can eat. I ate so much I had trouble walking. (I had more photos but I lost themmm!!) Definitely drop by this place if you’re craving for some Japanese food!


Siam Pandan (click link for more info!)

This sweet snack is SO good. It’s super famous too, it was near my hotel so I dropped by to get some. Basically, they’re mini pancakes that has pandan fillings, they do other fillings such as hotdogs and such as well! Definitely try some if you’re dropping by the Siam area.



If you guys haven’t seen on my Instagram, I GOT A HAIRCUT. Okay, I was contemplating whether to get a short haircut or not for a while now…and I FINALLY did it. I legit almost cried. And no guys, I’m not heartbroken or going through any change – I just wanted to change to a new look! I’ve had long hair my whole life and a change doesn’t hurt, especially when HAIR GROWS (I told myself about 100 times before getting the haircut lmao). Legit, no regrets. My hair feels super light and healthy now! I barely have to blow-dry or give it a lot of thought since it’s so short and easy.

Many of you are wondering where I got the haircut, I got the haircut at Special by Hajin salon. I love the salon – it’s a Korean salon. Honestly, I was choosing between a few salons to go with. Koreans are super popular for their short hair style so I was like, okay let’s go for a Korean salon since they’ll know what I want. The hair stylist was Korean and I trusted her with my hair. She’s was super nice and helpful – she told me how healthy my hair was and what I should do with it in the future. All in all, I loved the haircut and I’m glad I did it.



3CE Bangkok

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m super in love with Korean makeup lately! My current everyday makeup is inspired by them and I’m using a lot of Korean makeup brands. 3CE is a Korean makeup brand that’s under its mother company Style Nanda. The store is located in a lot of countries and in Bangkok, the branch I went to was Paragon. It’s such a cute store because EVERYTHING WAS PINK. Totally my vibe.


Siam Square Shopping

I love exploring little shops and local Bangkok shops around Siam Square because they always have trendy and cheap clothing. Here are a few shops that I shopped at: Cintage Official (instagram: @cintageshop), SOS (instagram: @sos.senseofstyle), and Matchbox (instagram: @matchbox.official). Matchbox and Cintage Official has super cute Korean inspired clothing and a lot of their things are cheap! Matchbox is the store that had the pink fitting room btw!! SOS has a lot of Thai brands and some brands in there are pricey and some are affordable.



Here are the rules:

  1. In order to enter, you must be following me on Instagram (@kimbouytang)
  2. Screenshot both or one of the photos below to enter the giveaway (you can save them on your phone by just clicking “View full size” and then saving the photo on your phones – I’ll also be posting the image on my story so just keep checking my Instagram story!). Screenshot the package you want, there’s the 3CE Package and or the Etude House Package.
    • 3CE Package – one mini mirror in pink, a brown liquid liner, and a coral pocket lip pot (WHICH IS SUPER CUTE BTW)
    • Etude House Package – 2 eye packs, a pink lip tint, an eye stick in the shade #12, and 3 different shadows
  3. Repost one or both of the photos on your story OR Instagram account. Make sure you tag me so I know you’re entering! You must tag two friends in the blank sections I’ve left for you in the photos.
  • I will only be posting a winner IF I get 20k followers by July 10! You guys have 6 days so get following and fast!
  • Winners will be chosen ANONYMOUSLY!

And that’s it! I hope you guys like the products I’ve chosen! It’s not a massive giveaway but I just want to do it to appreciate all my followers and lovely people out there who’ve been supporting me throughout this wonderful blogging journey. I promise to do another one very soon!


I’ll announce winners on July 10th at the end of the day! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! <3

Thank you to everyone who’ve always supported me and walking through my journey with me. I love all my supporters and I hope to see 2 of the lucky winners when they win the giveaway!

See you back here very soon!


KimBouy Tang


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