Pastel Play


Hey Everyone! Happy Friday!

I hope you’re having a lovely day because today’s outfit is all about colors!

I love pastel colors, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel EVERYTHING is so pretty. Pastels are very feminine and in-trend lately, so wear any pastels if you’re into them! I went to Portobello Road to take photos with the cute pastel colored houses.

Blouse from H&M
Midi Skirt from
Pumps from Christian Dior
Bag from Chloé

Midi skirts are the perfect way to portray both the femininity and pastel play into your outfit. I love this skirt because it’s pleated, has 3 colors (and one of them is pink!), and short enough for me to call it a midi-skirt. I’m always struggling to find the perfect midi skirts that aren’t too long and I finally found one online! Pleated skirts are so fun to play with because it makes such dramatic flows in pictures! …and looking at the pictures, I played with it wayyy too much.

I decided to wear a simple top that had a little bit of ruffles to go with the feminine theme. As for shoes, I wore a pair of black simple pumps so that there won’t be too much going on in one outfit. The bag I used is a pastel pink Choé that I got not too long ago. I thought it suited the outfit since the skirt had a touch of pastel pink.

I’m finally back home in Phnom Penh! I’m so so happy to be back eating all the food I’ve been craving and seeing all my friends and family again. Also, recommend me some places to go to (food, places, recreation, etc) if any of you have any suggestions!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and TGIF!


KimBouy Tang


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