The Corset Belt

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Another spring day, that means another trend for you to see. I went to visit the museum the other day to get a little more inspired and motivation to continue my “artistic journey”. It actually motivated me to do some more creative work! Everything was so inspiring to see and each art work had its own message and meaning behind it.

I’ve been a fan of the corset trend for a while now but I’ve never really touched on it. But I went on a little shopping spree these past few weeks and finally found the right oversized white shirt for me to wear with the belt! Yes, I’ve been hunting down for a perfect oversized white shirt for a while now. It’s quite hard for me to find the perfect one because I’m either too small or the material of the white shirt is just not right.

Straight jeans are jeans for you to give a casual look to the outfit. It’s been popular for a while now and little Kim couldn’t find proper straight jeans because of her height. Literally, any clothing item I adore or love – IT’S SO HARD TO FIND THE RIGHT SIZE OR RIGHT CUT. #mylifeproblem I finally found the perfect one from Topshop and I’m so happy I found it! It’s one of the comfiest jeans I’ve worn so far!

So here’s my take on the corset belt look that all famous bloggers are wearing!

White Shirt from Zara
Straight Jeans from Topshop
Corset Belt from Urban Oufitters
Sandal Heels from Jimmy Choo
Bag from Chanel

A corset belt is perfect to create the perfect illusion of curves (not that I have any LOL). Find yourself a good one that fits you from Zara, Urban Outfitters, Bershka, and Topshop! You can wear this outfit to literally anywhere! To work, to school (without the heels of course), or just for a casual day out.

Enjoy your Monday everyone!

See you soon.


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