One for Three : How To Wear Your Slogan/Graphic Tees

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Today, I’m going to be talking about slogan tees. This season’s catwalk was filled with positive feminism vibes and I LOVE IT! I’m always supporting women’s rights. This sounds weird but feminism encourages my sass – it makes me more independent. I got this graphic/slogan tee around a month ago and I posted a photo on Instagram with it. But since graphic/slogan tees are such a trend nowadays, I decided to put it in my blog today. In all the photos, I’m wearing a Zadig & Voltaire t-shirt. You can buy alternatives at Topshop, Zara and Dior.

So here are three ways to wear a graphic tee.

The Classic T-Shirt & Jeans

Go for a casual look by wearing your graphic tee with your favorite pair of jeans. Here’s my version of a classic t-shirt & jeans look.


T-shirt from Zadig & Volatire
Jeans from Topshop
Jacket from Topman
Sneakers from Yeezys Adidas
Bag from Louis Vuitton
Earrings from Zara

I didn’t want this look to be so simple so I added a beautiful pair of earrings from Zara. I love these earrings because it literally goes with everything. I’m wearing a jacket I stole from my favorite boy. Oversized jackets are trendy so if you’re looking to wear something oversized, just steal it from a guy – plus you don’t have to pay for it!

My shoes. OH MY GOD. I don’t know how I became so lucky – I’m usually not. I entered a raffle for the new Yeezys 350 White, and I SOMEHOW won! I was so happy since I really wanted the shoes. Now I have to take care of it like it’s my baby since it’s SO WHITE.

The Pink Girl

How can a blog post be finished without me adding a little pink? Haha jk, I’m not THAT obsessed with pink…so here, I wanted to add some more femininity to the whole feminism vibe – I wore a hot pink ruffled-skirt. It’s spring, so might as well embrace the flowers!


T-Shirt from Zadig & Volatire
Belt from Urban Outfitters
Skirt from Zara
Heels from Yves Saint Laurent
Bag from Fendi

The Night Out

I gave you a classic look, a day look and now it’s a night look. Metallics are on-trend, on and off the runway. So that’s why I decided to pair the t-shirt with a metallic skirt.


T-Shirt from Zadig & Voltaire
Skirt from H&M
Boots from River Island
Bag from Givenchy
Bag Charm from Fendi
Denim Jacket from Bershka

I hope this post inspired you all to wear your graphic t-shirts more often! Also, go grab yourself a t-shirt from any brand that represent your girl power!

See you soon!


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