Travel Diary: Amsterdam & Brussels

Hello Everyone!

This is the continuing version of the previous travel diary I wrote for Paris.

On the third day of my travel, I hopped on a train to go to Amsterdam.

Day 3

Here’s a few photos of the third day – since it’s the same day as the third day in paris, I won’t be posting any outfits for the first day in Amsterdam. If you want to know outfit details, check the previous post!

Amsterdam! A beautiful country filled with canals and bikes. There are more bikes than there are cars, so if any of you are planning to visit Amsterdam soon, be sure to be careful when crossing the streets – you can die from a bicycle (I almost did).

The first day in Amsterdam is my chill day. I wanted to take a rest at my Airbnb (WHICH WAS BEAUTIFUL BTW – check my Youtube channel soon to see a peak of it). I just walked around to see the beautiful city again (I was here last year as well).

Day 4

The second day in Amsterdam, I wanted to go see the tulips and flower fields again (I went last year as well LOL) so I took a journey to Lisse, Keukenhof. Even though it was my second time there, I am still amazed by how beautiful it was. There were literally hectatres and hectares of tulips – I didn’t get to capture the picture or video of the rainbow of tulips, but google it! It’s beautiful. Keukenhof, the tulip and flower garden were also filled with vibrant colors and many many different types of flowers. There were also farm animals in the garden, where you can go pet them.

When I got back to Amsterdam, I decided to rent a bike and travel to the Van Gogh museum. It was SUCH A GOOD EXERCISE – please note, I have not gone to the gym for almost over a YEAR. Even though my hands were freezing, the bike ride was worth it. It was so much fun – except for the parts where I nearly got ran over by a car a couple of times LOL.

The Van Gogh Museum was absolutely inspiring. I’ve studied about his paintings in the past during my IB Art days. Seeing most of his paintings in real life inspired me as an artist and a student. I might get back to art again – let’s see!

Afterwards, I went to Amsterdam Centrum to eat my favourite fries of all time and visit the sex museum. It was so provocative, and a lot to handle – but it was a good experience. LOL. For dinner, I went to a Thai restaurant  – Amsterdam has the best Thai food in Europe, by far (in my opinion)!

For my outfit, since the day was so packed, I decided to go for a casual outfit. It was a simple t-shirt and jeans look. To add some details and excitement to the outfit, I added a choker.

T-Shirt from Bershka
Coat from All Saints
Jeans from Topshop
Sneakers from Gucci
Sunglasses from Dior
Chokers from Zara
Bag from Louis Vuitton

Day 5

My last day in Amsterdam and first day in Brussels.

For the last day in Amsterdam, I wanted to visit the Anne Frank museum. But unfortunately, tickets were all sold out and I wasn’t able to go in. With that being said, I spent the last few hours in Amsterdam walking around and enjoying the weather.

I took a train to visit Brussels for a night. When I arrived, I went to my Airbnb which was right near the Grand Place. I walked over to the Grand Place after settling down to see the architecture of the Grand Place. It was quite similar to the French architecture, so it was good to see the connections between the two. I ate at this local restaurant near the Grand Place where the mussels were so fresh and cooked perfectly. If any of you are planning to visit Brussels, their mussels are their signature dish – it’s a must-try!

My outfit for day 5 was quite simple and comfortable as well. Since I knew I had to travel, I decided to go with an oversized off shoulder shirt with black jeans that had cute little poms poms on the end.

Shirt from
Coat from All Saints
Jeans from Topshop
Belt from Yves Saint Laurent
Shoes from Chanel
Bag from Louis Vuitton

Day 6

Last day for my entire trip and I had to say goodbye to Europe.

My last day in Brussels, I decided to visit the Autoworld Museum, which was a museum dedicated to old and vintage cars. It was so nice to see all the different car brands and its models back in the 1920s up to the 1990s. Seeing the evolution of cars was so cool – there were Ferrari, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz and many more car brands. Afterwards, I crossed the street to visit the War Museum. Here, I got to see the tanks, swords, machines, planes and many more weapons that they used during the wars in the past. It was a lot. But after seeing it, I felt relieved we’re not living in the age where war is a daily routine and normality.

After looking at the weather forecast, I decided to wear shorts and a sweater. It’s a comfortable outfit for me to wear to travel back to London.

Knitwear from Topshop
Shorts from Topshop
Shoes from Chanel
Coat from All Saints
Sunglasses from Dior
Bag from Louis Vuitton

Honestly, this trip was a wonderful trip for me. I got to see some landmarks and museums that I didn’t get to see the last time I was at Paris and Amsterdam. AND, I got to visit a new country. My bucket list is to visit all the European countries. I’ve visited 7 so far. There’s 22 countries, so stay tuned for more Travel Diaries!

For now, au revior Europe! Enough travelling for me, time to get back to reality and waking up at 7:30 am everyday for classes.

(AND BTW! I’m so so sorry I forgot to post outfit details in the previous blog. I was super drained the time I posted it, I forgot to double check. I just updated it and if any of you are still wondering about outfit details, go check it out!)

Stay adventurous!


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