Travel Diary: 3 Days in Paris

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Easter break = TRAVELLING TIME! I love travelling, I get to see new places, learn about a new culture, eat different food and SHOPPING. For this Easter break (like the last one), I decided to visit Paris once again…for a shopping trip and to visit other landmarks that I didn’t get to visit last year.

Even though I’d get the shopping and the landmarks, one of the main reasons I went again was for the Khmer food! I MISS HOME FOOD OMG. There are 0 Khmer restaurants in London, which is a BUMMER. But luckily, Paris is a 2 hour train ride away. Even though I only got 2 meals (since it’s a short trip) of Khmer food, I was still so satisfied with eating my all-time favorite Khmer dishes such as Maju Vn soup, Lok Lak and Kor Trei.

I’ll be posting my whole experience in Paris on my Youtube channel along with 2 other countries I am currently and will be visiting in the next few days – so be patient!

For now, I’ll post SOME (more in the video coming up) landmarks and 3 outfits for you here in case any of you are interested in seeing them!

Day 1

For the first day, I arrived there pretty late (3pm), so I didn’t get that much time to tour around. I first went to get afternoon tea (what’s a Londoner without having afternoon tea right?) at Café Pouchkine. I wanted to go to Ladurée but I didn’t want to be to cliché, so I tried something new. If any of you are planning to travel to Paris, try your mini snack break or afternoon tea at Café Pouchkine – they have an adorable store design and cute cakes that taste quite good. (See my experience at on my Youtube channel – which I will be posted by Sunday OR Monday.)

Because I had to take the train, I went with an ALMOST simple outfit during the day. One shoulder blouse with my favorite and comfiest black jeans and some slip ons. I loved the weather (it was at around 17-18 degrees the first day), I didn’t have to wear a coat at all.

At night, I had a dinner date to a fancy 1 michelin-star restaurant called Apicius. Until today, I still haven’t figured out how to pronounce it. BUT ANYWAYS, yes, it was a lovely dinner filled with amazing food, service and venue – the venue was beautiful and elegant! In order to fit in and not look like a hobo, I went with a black tulle & lace dress and paired it with a black corset belt and a classic black stiletto heels.

Look 1
One Shoulder Blouse from Zara
Black Skinny Jeans from Rag & Bone
Slip-ons from Channel
Bag from Hermés
Look 2
Tulle & Lace Dress from Zara
Belt from Urban Outfitters

Day 2

As for Day 2, this was the day where I was SUPER productive. I went to two museums, and finished my shopping list in one day.

First, I decided to have a classic french breakfast at a random café near La Madeleine – since that was where I was staying near anyways. Then, I went on a touring venture to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. BUT UNFORTUNATELY, it was closed for Tuesdays. My sad self left the Louvre to the Grand Palais – WHICH WAS ALSO CLOSED. I was devastated. LIKE, I CHECKED THE WEBSITE AND GOOGLE, IT SAYS IT WAS OPENED. But whatever, I got cute photos of the beautiful Louvre glass pyramid. Even though the Grand Palais was closed (I really wanted to go there since the Dior and Chanel shows were held there a couple of times), I was able to eat at their restaurant, WHICH WAS OPEN WOO! The food was great and I enjoyed the sun outside at the terrace. Since the Grand Palais, the Petit Palais was open, which was right in front. It was beautiful inside with the classic French architecture.

Afterwards, I went SHOPPING at Avenue Montaigne. I chose to shop around there rather than Rue Saint-Honoré because it’s usually more quiet and less people trying to beat you to a sales associate to purchase an item. To have a mini snack, I headed over to L’Avenue restaurant – which was a restaurant that Kim Kardashian ate at when she was at Paris. Afterwards, I went to Gallerie Lafayette – since it has everything in one mall.

I completed almost all my shopping list – which was to buy a new going-out bag, bag charm, earrings, and brooch. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to buy shoes since the prices were cheaper at London – smart Bouy, save money and shop smart.

I had dinner after, at a Khmer Restaurant and my night ended perfectly.

I wanted to go with an easy to wear and pretty outfit to incorporate the French vibe and look well with the French architecture (which I absolutely love because it’s all over Cambodia!). I wore a pink flowy tulle dress. It was comfortable, light and very pretty. It was a bit loose for me, so in order to keep my shape intact and not look like a potato, I took a random strap belt from a dress I had from before and tied it around my waist.

Dress from Topshop
Shoes from Chanel
Coat from All Saints
Bag from Hermés

Day 3

Last day in Paris, which means limited time to tour around AGAIN. This time, I went to the best spot to see the Eiffel Tower – Trocadero. The view was perfect and breathtaking at the same time. Afterwards, I went for the last Khmer meal in Paris and then to the train station to leave to Amsterdam. A short day once again but the view was everything so it was perfect.

Because I got my new Dior evening clutch (part of my shopping list), I was inspired its new S/S 17 collection which was filled with tulle, femininity, inspired by vintage and mixed with a little bit of a modern and graphic taste – the Dior [R]evolution collection. Dior is one of my favorite luxury brand because of its feminity and its mix with elegance, perky attitude and sleek vibe. With this, I wore a tulle skirt (which is a major trend today) and my perky black stilettos. In order to keep the look casual, I wore a denim jacket and plain white t-shirt.

Afterwards, to be comfortable in my clothes, I changed to a flowy blouse and jeans. Because who would want to sit next to a girl who is extra poofy.

Look 1
T-Shirt from Zara
Tulled Skirt from Topshop
Shoes from Dior
Bag from Dior
Look 2
Blouse from Zara
Jeans from Topshop
Shoes from Dior
Bag from Dior
Sunglasses from Dior

I hope you guys enjoyed by blog today! It was a hassle to complete all looks within the 3 short days at Paris but I did it for the blog, so you guys should feel special!

I’ll be posting another Travel Diary soon so stay tuned and follow my blog and Instagram for you for updates.

Enjoy your Thursday and see you back here soon.


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    1. Omg! So sorry about that, I forgot since I was soo tired when I posted it and didn’t double check. It’s updated and the details are all on the post now!

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