Ruffles Ruffles

Hello Everyone! How are you? Spring is officially set-in-stone in London (meaning that the weather is finally getting itself together). Therefore, more feminine and girly clothing!

Today I’m showing you an outfit that I’ve been absolutely loving so far this spring because of its femininity and trendy factor – ruffles!

Similar to the the famous Self-Portrait blouse with ruffles, I got this one for a cheaper price at H&M. For me, I would choose to buy cheaper clothing (especially tops) rather than splurge on a blouse that’s a few 100 dollars because I’d probably wear the blouse once and then leave it. But for dresses, jeans and coats, I tend to find myself wanting to buy those that are a bit more expensive because of its detailing, stitches, quality, and I wear them more often. I’ll get to this later in some other blog post…for now, here’s the outfit!

Blouse from H&M
Jeans from Topshop
Shoes from Public Desire
Bag from Saint Laurent

The blouse made a simple outfit into a feminine/on-trend one, that’s the power of blouses! As for my jeans, the ones I’m wearing are my favorite jeans from Topshop because they’re simple, goes with literally everything, AND they FIT (I can’t buy Zara jeans or any other branded jeans unless they’re petite sized). One of my jeans from Rag & Bone, I had to get them altered shorter. They were too long, but they’re still my all-time favorite jeans because they’re skinny enough to fit me and keeps my lower part of my body in-shape. So a tip for you ladies, if you’re looking to invest in a pair of jeans, get any black skinny jeans that are either high waisted or mid-rise jeans because they go with everything and you only need to buy one! I recommend J-brand, Rag & Bone, and Topshop for black skinny jeans.

Enjoy your lovely weekend and I’ll see you on my next post – there’s gonna be a change of scenery, so stay tuned!

Lots of Love,

KimBouy Tang



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