A Pop of Hot Pink

Hello Hello!

It’s finally SPRING! AND you know what that means…COLOR. every. where. Pink, Pastel Pink, Blue, Pastel Blue, Green, and Yellow! This Spring/Summer is filled with dramatic hues and colors so get ready for a spring with tons of color.

It’s the first day of spring and a pop of color doesn’t hurt. For this outfit, I decided to wear all black mixing a little hot pink on to cover my toes.


Meshed Shirt from YesStyle.com
Trousers from Zara
Shoes from Topshop
Jacket from The Kooples
Bag from Chanel
Sunglasses from Dior

Since I’m wearing ALL black (like how I normally do), I thought a pop of pink wouldn’t hurt. After all, black goes with everything. So I got these cute suede pink shoes from Topshop.

Me wearing these trousers are such a risk for me because I can either look really short and fat or tall and lean (which clearly I AM NOT). Luckily, black made my silhouette look smaller and a BIT tall. Also, I’m surprised these trousers fit me – usually Zara clothing in general doesn’t fit me because I’m too short and small LOL.

Meshed shirts are quite popular nowadays, so I got this glittered meshed shirt from a website called YesStyle.com.

First day of spring and I got some news for you…I’ll be starting Youtube! I’m releasing the Intro video tomorrow so head on over to Youtube when I post the link on my Instagram/Facebook page! So hold your horses and I hope you’re ready for me.

This blog and my Youtube channel will be completely different – in case all of you are thinking they’re going to have the same content. For this blog, I’m going to make it exclusively for fashion, OOTDs, outfit ideas, style tips, and some travelling photos. As for Youtube, I might upload some vlogs, Hauls, monthly favorites, life tips, and maybe some tutorials. So I hope you enjoy this new phase and leap forward for my blog/youtube channel!

Lots of Love,

KimBouy Tang



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