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Adding another page (blog post) to my travel diary. I was so excited to go to Iceland to expect all the things that I’ve heard about it…and I was not disappointed. Iceland is exactly what you’d expect it to be – EXCEPT for the Northern Lights (I’ll get to this in a minute)

Day 1

I arrived in Iceland at night and I was supposed to go on the Northern Lights tour but since the weather forecast was not as great, all the Northern Lights tours were cancelled.

Day 2

It’s necessary to go on the classic Golden Circle tour where they bring you to look at the famous Geysir (tectonic plates that were shooting hot water), Gulfoss (beautiful waterfall), and the National Park. Everything was so beautiful and I got to witness the Geysir shooting up, which was a priceless view (although I didn’t get a proper picture of it).

That night, we visited the Blue Lagoon. It was SUPER relaxing and the water was milky blue. The hot water really relaxed me and the Silica Mud mask made me feel like I was at a spa. The Blue Lagoon is the go-to place for a relaxing time – I didn’t have much pictures from it because it was too dark to take any photos.

Day 3

We were supposed to go on a Blue Ice tour where we would go see the beautiful glaciers and start ice climbing (which is what I was looking forward to the most when travelling to Iceland). Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to the weather (AGAIN). There was too much snow, all the roads to go outside the city were all closed.

BUT, my day was perfect. Even though it was cancelled, I got to play with the fluffy snow all day and got to go visit the city centre where I saw the Harpa, ate the famous hotdog stand, saw the beautiful view of mountains at the river, briefly visited the National Museum of Art and explored the quiet city of Reykjavik. It was so peaceful, very different from all the places I’ve been to. Locals were so nice and the vibe was just right.

At night, I went to eat at Skolabru, which has amazing lamb. There was puffin carpaccio on the menu…and I decided to try it….and that was a bad idea because it wasn’t AS good and I got a bad stomache ache that same night. BUT, it was a good experience.

NORTHERN LIGHTS – that same night, we booked a Northern Lights tour because it was the only day where the weather was good enough to see the Northern Lights. We went out at around 9:30PM till 2AM. Okay let me tell you this, the Northern Lights is not always GREEN or PURPLE or like how you’d expect it to be like looking at pictures. For me, it was grey. Seeing the Northern Lights is purely based on the weather, the clouds and the aurora itself. The night I was hunting for it, the clouds were clear (which means you can see the Northern Lights clearly), the weather was perfect, but the aurora strength was not as strong. Which means the visibility is very low. However, I saw so many red-orange ish clouds, which were clouds blocking the actual aurora itself. But, the view of the stars were beautiful! My friends saw shooting stars a couple of times (I didn’t have my luck and didn’t see any).

While we were out hunting for the Northern Lights, we saw a UFO. You guys may say that I sound CRAZY and I’m not in my right mind to say this. But I knew I saw one. Basically, there was this bright light (looks like a star) that was isolated and low in the sky (all the stars were up high in the sky and you had to look up to see it). My tour guide didn’t want to tell us that it was a UFO until he confirmed it was moving. There was a plane passing by (red flashing lights + white lights), and the UFO moved along with it for a few seconds and stopped. Afterwards, it moved back and forth. Everyone saw it. We saw it have lights beaming down as well. Believe me or not, but I’ll believe it was a UFO – I’m super into these UFO/Alien research, that’s why I was so excited when I saw it. I’ve been looking at files released from the CIA regarding UFO sightings in the past and I find them super intriguing.

I did a little digging about UFOs in Iceland and apparently, UFO sightings occur quite frequently in Iceland. There you go, my supportive background research to back up what I saw.


a little setback that I didn’t get to snap the perfect photo of the Northern Lights but it was a good experience to see the grey dancing northern lights, the beautiful view of the stars and the UFO.

Day 4

The day to go back. I didn’t want to leave because I wanted to stay for a few more nights to actually explore everything in Iceland like going on the tour I was supposed to go on and ride with huskies on ice. But I had lectures and seminars to go to. Back to reality.

To round up my Iceland trip, we decided to go back to our Asian roots and ate Thai Noodles (Kuyteav) at this Thai restaurant near our place. It was the perfect round up because a hot noodle soup was exactly what I needed for the cold weather in Iceland.

All in all, Iceland was perfect and I’m definitely going back.


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