Travel Diary: My 2-weeks Travelling Venture

Helloooo and hi there.

As many of you know (those who follow my instagram @kimbouytang), I’ve been travelling quite a bit!


Right after I landed, I went on a trip to Bangkok the next day. Crazy right? It was a one night trip though so it was no biggy. My mom texted me at 5am telling me to buy a plane ticket to Bangkok – lord. When I went to Bangkok, I didn’t do much other than follow my mom to her checkups at the hospital. While waiting, I decided to get a mini check up – basically dug myself my own grave and the nurse poked 3 needles in me (one after the other, not all at once) in one day.

To gain back some energy, I went to the Dock (located in Paragon in the Gourmet Market B1) to eat some seafood. I didn’t take much photos or do much in Bangkok because afterall, it was only a one night trip. I went to restaurants such as Somboon (Central Embassy) and went to eat some raindrop cake at Siam Discovery.



The next week, I went to Singapore for a 3 night trip. I went a night before my mom came with my friend. Honestly, It was a really chill trip. By chill I mean, not THAT much shopping done for clothes or shoes. For now, I’ll post pictures of my outfits day by day in case any of you are interested!

Day 1

I was super productive on my first day in Singapore. By productive, I mean I took a sh*t load of photos (god Instagram/Blogging is life right?). When I arrived, my sweet loving friend picked me up and brought me to the hotel with her. After dropping my stuff down and getting lunch, we decided to go to the National Gallery to take photos. Being my stupid self, I forgot to charge my camera so the photos aren’t in HD quality. But the Iphone 7 worked, I guess. We took a short break after and ate some snacks at the National Gallery.

For dinner, we went to this Japanese resaurant that was super unique. The chefs cooked in front of us and all the ingredients were presented in front of us. After, we wanted to go for a movie but we were too tired so we just shopped a bit and passed out.

Dress from Topshop
Sneakers from Gucci
Bag from Gucci
Bangle from Hermes

Day 2

My mom arrived today, which means I had to spend time with her and take her around. We went to a few stores to shop. The weather was being a b**ch and it was raining HARD. I don’t get why it’s raining in this season because obviously it’s dry season!! Because of that I only went out to shop for a bit. Sad. Here’s one ootd mirror selfie for you.

As for dinner, I went to Crystal Jade.

Blouse from ASOS
Shorts from Sense of Style Bangkok

Day 3 & 4

I didn’t have a outfit photo for Day 3, but I have some brunch photos which looks really good. I spent the day with my mom shopping in the afternoon after my brunch (located at Mandarin Gallery – Wild Honey) with my friend. When I say shopping, I meant spending 4 hours in the Hermes store. I died of food but was smiling because of bags. I had dinner with my cousin and enjoyed the rest of the evening with him.

For day 4, I had some breakfast at the hotel and went on a mini shopping venture for hair accessories for my brother’s wedding. After, I rushed to the airport excited to finally get back home and get a good 12 hour sleep on my comfy bed in Phnom Penh.


Shirt from The Editor’s Market
Jeans from Topshop
Shoes from Hermes
Bag from Hermes

YOU MADE IT! You made it to the end of the blog after me rambling about my travelling ventures to Bangkok and Singapore. For that, I congratulate you because not many people would read it till this far! Jks..I think.

I’m sorry again for being off this blog! I had someone DM me today and it triggered me to do these blog posts for you all. Thank you everyone for the encouragement. I’ll keep posting more and more for you!

Also, what do you tend to do when you travel? And any suggestions for restaurants or cafes in Singapore? I’ll be going again in a few days (yep, again.)!


There’s another post for you all – so please go there nowww! xx

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