Baby It’s Cold Outside

Hello Everyone!

Long time no blog! Sorryyyyyyyyyy x 10. Been caught away with uni, life, and my brother’s wedding (WHICH IS SOON)!

This post was supposed to be posted ever since I was in London, but unfortunately I didn’t find the time to post it!

Winter’s arrived (already about to leave soon), and all we can do is enjoy a hot chocolate cozied up in a blanket watching your favorite shows. Well, I’m in Cambodia now and there’s no time for hot chocolate because the weather goes up to 35 degrees.

DESPITE the hot, this is one of my go-to outfits when I wan to look fancy but warm at the same time.

Also, back at it with the pink right? No doubt, pink is one of my favorite color.


Sweater from
Skirt from
Bag from Chloe


Okay, let’s be honest here, who the in the world would wear a skirt under 4-5 degrees without stockings? In case you’re wondering, these photos were taken when the weather in London was about 12-13 degrees. And also, I would never wear just a skirt and stockings under 4-5 degrees, I’d probably wear two layers of leggings and jeans on top. I’m one of those people who get cold super easily – I’m sure some of you can relate to that.

This is a mini blog post, I have more to say – so I won’t say bye just yet!! Check out my other posts please!!


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