Travel Diary: Monaco Monaco Monaco


If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram or Snapchat, I went on a little trip to Monaco! I went there with my friends and it was so amazing.

In all honesty, Monaco is a place for people to go gamble and see crazy expensive super cars. Maserati, Porsche, Ferraris, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, etc etc – you get the idea. They weren’t just normal Maseratis, Rolls Royce, etc – they were cars that were customized and full optioned. And all these crazy super cars would be parked in the biggest Casino in Monaco. You’ll see tourists taking pictures with them – and yes, I was one of them.

Despite the luxurious lives people have in Monaco, the beach, the view and  the air is just fresher in Monaco. Since it’s so small, you can get anywhere within 5 minutes on a taxi (and each taxi ride is 15 euros). Every time I travel from one place to another, I’d see the beautiful view of the ocean. And the weather was so perfect – it went up to 21 degrees and the lowest is only 14 degrees. It’s 0 degrees right now in London while I’m writing this and I am hating it.

The first day I got there, I got to ride a helicopter from Nice to Monaco. The view was breathtaking and it was a experience I’ll remember forever. I toured around the city for the next few days going into an aqarium, casinos (no I didn’t gamble), stores, amusement park, streets, and the castle.

I was lucky enough to ride on a speed boat to tour around since it’s not the season to go anywhere out in the ocean. I rode the speedboat from Monaco to Nice, then to the border between Italy and France. It was pretty amazing to be between two countries, I was literally in two places at once.

The food was amazing – seafood EVERYWHERE. Sadly, I don’t have too many pictures of the food. On the first day, I tasted some fresh oysters and went to a restaurant near Monte Carlo Casino. Little note on the casino: it was opened 183 years ago! At night, my friends and I were craving Asian food so we went to Buddha Bar.I was vibing the place so much, it reminded me of the temples in Cambodia where there are big statues of Buddha everywhere, but yet it had a little fusion to it – the food too of course.

I did a little shopping, of course – it’s Monaco! I got one pair of shoes and a bag. Didn’t buy that much because I didn’t want to be broke when I’m back in London – there’s still many more places for me to eat at.

The next day, we packed some chicken, foie gras, bread and chips on the speed boat to eat. They tasted so goood, since we were freezing because of the wind. For dinner, I went to La Vestimar which was rated 1 michelin star. The food was absolutely amazing – the seafood was super fresh and the service was so great. In fact, I didn’t have to pay for the dinner at all because the servers gave the menu that had the price on it to my boyfriend and the one that didn’t have the price to me. Funny right? Yay for women!

I went back the next day, and I was really sad because I was going to miss the weather and Monte Carlo’s vibe a lot. Now I’m back in London with its shitty weather and dark 4pms (the sky is literally black at 4…).

Au Revoir! (Don’t forget to read the other two posts!)


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