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This week I’m posting three blog posts for you guysss! I hope you’ll enjoy all of it c:

Lately, I’ve been inspired by street-style and graphic tees that’s been going all around Instagram. I thought I’d never suit oversized tees, but oh look I’m wearing one. Oversized tees are super super comfy and yet they give you an edgy street look. It’s a win win. Because the weather is being a little b*tch lately, I paired the oversized tee with a black leather jacket and a pair of shorts (OF COURSE) – don’t worry too much about which color shorts you’re wearing, it won’t show anyways.

Usually I’d wear oversized tees with sneakers, but I wanted to try something new by wearing high-knee boots. I usually never wear them since I thought it’d be too long for me #shortpeopleproblems.

To keep the look super edgy and overstated with graphics, I decided to use the Gucci Doinynsus black detailed bag (WHICH TOOK ME AGES TO GET – I’ll get to the story later).

Leather Jacket from H&M
Oversized Tee from Moschino 
High Knee Boots from Public Desire
Bag from Gucci
Shorts from Bershka

Okay to my Gucci story.

I wanted to get the Doinysus Gucci bag ever since I saw it in Hong Kong – but I decided to wait and get it in London because first I didn’t want to carry it back to London and second, it was cheaper in London. I went into Harrods to order my bag and I asked if I could get it before my birthday and they said YES. They told me they’d get me the last Tan colored Doinysus bag from Milan because it’s super hard to get and it was the last one in Europe. So I waited (for around 2-3 weeks)…and 3 days after my birthday, they told me that the bag haven’t arrived and they have no clue where the bag is. This pissed me off a lot because they were certain the bag would arrive on time.

So I gave up on Harrods and ordered it online since on the website they said it would be dispatched to me within 5 days. I waited another 2 weeks and nothing appeared. I GAVE UP on the tan colored Doinysus. I went to Harrods again and bought the last Black Doinysus bag in London because that was the only other color and style bag that I liked.

This stressed me out so much more than my uni assignments.

BUT ANYWAYS, because the people at Gucci saw how pissed I was (after a month and a half of waiting), they got me the color I wanted for the bag. YAY.

Sorry for ranting, you’re probably thinking how stupid I am to stress over a bag. Don’t judge guyss. It’s one of the few bags that I actually LOVE LOVE (and the price was not too exaggerated).

I hope you enjoy this outfit and little story I had for you!

See you in the next post. x

KimBouy Tang

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