Pleats? Pleats.

Hey everyone!

Yes, pleats are back in town and it’s prettier than ever. I remember a few years ago my mom made me wear a pleated dress and I hated it..well jokes on me, pleats are in again and I love it!

Trends this AW 16/17 are filled with velvet, if you haven’t noticed. Stores are piling up velvet clothing for this season. I used to think velvet were worn usually during Halloween, my bad!

If you guys haven’t noticed yet, pink is one of my favorite color (besides monochromatic colors) – not to Β be super duper girly or anything, but I just think it’s such a pretty color. So this week, I’m showing you guys my pink side again.

I was never a fan of 50s themed midi skirts because I thought it made me look short (well shorter – I already look short LOL), BUT I tried it on for fun and it actually looked nice on me – with the help of heels of course.

To keep this look feminine, I wore a turtle neck that had lace details on it to vibe up the look. Because I didn’t want to overwhelm the outfit with details (since the skirt itself is already a statement piece), I chose to wear neutral colors for the scarf, bag and shoes.

Sorry if there’s too many pictures of me swaying my pleated skirt around, IT’S WAYY TO FUN – you guys should try it and send them some to me. I was planning to do a boomerang video but I forgot to.


Top from The Kooples
Skirt from Topshop
Shoes from Christian Louboutin
Bag from Dior
Scarf from Louis Vuitton

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s post! I’m planning to do a post related to lipstick this Saturday (I hope! I have a lot of assignments due so cope with me!), so stay tuned.

See you soon. xx

KimBouy Tang



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