LUSH time!

Anyone a fan of baths? If you are, then keep reading.

I went to Lush recently and went 20% crazy (usually I get 2x the amount to bring back to Cambodia). If any of you aren’t familiar with the brand Lush, they’re a very famous brand that’s known for bath bombs, bubble bars and everything bath and skincare. And all of their ingredients are really good for your body and skin, some are edible, and everything is natural. This is what they represent (I screenshot this from their website):


They’re bath bombs are the bomb…literally. When they fizz in the water, there’s like a beautiful splash of color coming out. So basically you’ll feel like you’re stepping into rainbow. (I’ll post a photo below of my bath, and you’ll get what I mean).

Okay so let’s get on with what I bought. I don’t know about you but I’m a huge fan of floral smells and fruity smells in general. I hate bath bombs that smell like soap.

Supertramp Bubble Bar 

(Can’t find the link for this! I’ll put it as soon as it pops up in the website)

A bath is not a bath without bubbles! You can create bubbles with any bubble bar from lush by just putting the bar under running water, and it will create a ton of bubbles.

This Bubble Bar literally smells like Ginseng (WHICH I LOVE) and flowers! I’d recommend this to those who like the smell of ginseng.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

This bubble bar, just like its name, smells like roses. Even though it smells like roses, you can smell a hint of lemon. I’d recommend this to those who love bubbles, pink (the water in your bath will be pink) and roses! Despite its smell, it also contains cocoa and shea butter which is really moisturising for your skin.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are different from bubble bars because instead of create bubbles, it’ll only create a bit of foam and change your bath water. Even though there’s no bubbles, each different type of bath bombs consist many different ingredients which are good for your skin.

This bath bomb just came out recently and it creates the best colors! It’ll first fizz out white/yellow colors, then to blue/green, and the end surprise is pink – they tested this out for me at the store. This bath bomb is filled with glitter and smells very citrus-y because it’s made of oils like orange and lime oils.

Honey Bee Bath Bomb

Honey is super super good for your body and skin and it tastes SO good. I put honey in all my tea. Honey is not only anti-bacterial but it  is really beneficial to your body in many ways – sometimes I use it as lip balm at night, sometimes I eat spoonful of honey to help with my itchy/sore throat, etc etc.

ANYWAYS, this bath bomb is only for honey lovers! Lush is discontinuing this soon so get your hands on them while you can.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb

This is also a new bath bomb that Lush made. I think this is most suitable for those who loves to see their bath turn into an ocean of colors.

The scent is totally different from its looks, it smells like jasmine flower.

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath

This bath bomb smells like floral and fruits combined, that’s why I bought it. Two scents I love most. It has banana in it which is good for your hair and body since it contains Vitamins A, B, C and E.

Big Blue Bath Bomb

This bath bomb to me smells like the beach! I’m living in a cold country, this is perfect since I don’t get the smell of the beach often here. This bath bomb helps moisturise, soften skin, and exfoliate.

Sympathy For the Skin

I bought this because I needed a moisturizer for the winter. My skin gets super dry really easily so this would be perfect for me. This leaves a creamy texture and a vanilla scent on your body.

I hope you enjoyed this mini Lush haul as much as me writing it! Tell me if you’d like more of these hauls, whether it’s clothes, makeup or skincare.

For now, Happy Bathing! xx

Kim Bouy Tang

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