Denim on Denim

Denim Denim Denim. Here’s a little brief history of denim – denim started during the 1800s, gold miners wanted clothing that were made of material that were durable and tear-free; it travelled from cowboys (1930s), soldiers (both the world wars), the youth (1950s-1980s) and to today’s fashion. At one point, denim was used to portrait teenage rebellion (typical bad boys on a motorcycle, or a hot chic in frayed jeans – you get what I mean right?) in movies and tv shows.

Okay, enough about history, here’s to the outfit part.

Living in London during September has its perks – the weather is perfect to wear a light jacket/coat and short skirts/shorts/dresses without shivering your teeth out.

Denim Jacket from Bershka

Tank Top from Topshop

Short Jeans from Cottonon

Belt from Topshop

Bag from Chloe

Shoes from Nike

Since my outfit was overwhelmed with denim, I decided to go light for my shirt rather than a graphic tee even though a graphic tee may look good too with this combo. Because my shirt was a pink-nude, I decided to pair it up with a pink-nude bag as well. I decided to add a belt to the outfit only because my shorts were too loose for me (woops), jk. Cowboy-inspired-looking belts are pretty trendy now (which is expected because denim on denim became trendy as well – cowboys were one of the first ones to wear denim on denim with the black silver-detailed belt).

…Just realised how much history non-fashion related stuff I’ve added to this post….well, it’s good to learn new facts!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s outfit! See you again next week. x

KimBouy Tang

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