Travel Diary: Hong Kong

Hi again, sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve been super busy with travelling, moving in and bringing my sister around London! Since I’ve left you hanging for 2 weeks, I’ll give you 2 posts today.

I went to Hong Kong last week and it was super duper amazing. All I did was eat all day – and that’s why the trip was super duper amazing.

If any of you are planning to travel to Hong Kong, you should plan to book your hotel or airbnb in Central because it’s super close to everything – shops, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc,. I wanted to try on Airbnb this time and got a 3 bedroom apartment to share with my friends.

Here are a few pictures I took in Hong Kong – I don’t know exact places this time because my friends were taking me but most of it is definitely in Central area!

The photos show some of the food I ate during the trip. Egg tarts, milk pudding, waffles and beancurd is a must to eat if you go to Hong Kong.

Sorry that I don’t have the exact location of each place, but you could google it online – the location will probably pop up.

A little post about travelling again, I hope you guys enjoy this one! x

KimBouy Tang


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