Simple but Formal

Hello again! Sorry I’ve been MIA recently (didn’t post on Saturday), I was so busy planning my sister’s birthday and such (the surprise I threw her was a surprise btw!).

I’m posting this today because I’ll probably have no energy posting on Tuesday. I’ll be taking my wisdom teeth (THREE omg) out today – the surgery would have been done by the time this post is up.. Please do give me support because my face will look like a puffer fish for the next few days. Which brings me to the point that I won’t be doing any makeup/face related posts, so apologies if any of you were looking forward to that this week!

Okay, I’ll stop rambling about my life. Here’s this week’s outfit – more like last week’s since it was supposed to be posted on Saturday.

This outfit is a little bit formal than the usual outfits I wear. You could wear this outfit to a daytime event with lighter toned flats or 7-10cm heels or to a nighttime event with darker toned 10-14cm heels. Or, you could just wear this with flats or flip flops even if you have no place to go. If you can’t find this dress, you could always wear any plain white dress to complete the look. You don’t have to put so much effort into the outfit yet it looks a bit more feminine and formal.

Dress from SOS Bangkok

Brooch from Chanel

Shoes from Chanel

Bag from Chanel

4 things just to complete an outfit, accessories are a bonus but how simple and comfortable is this? AND I didn’t have to worry about eating too much wearing this box dress because it’s super loose!

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did creating this look. But for now, adios and wish me luck taking my wisdom teeth out!


Kim Bouy Tang

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