Travel Diary: Food Adventures in Bangkok

(Sorry I skipped a post this Saturday! I forgot to bring my laptop to Bangkok.)

4 days and 3 days in Bangkok really gives you the time to really EAT (I legit gained 2 kgs within this time period). Here’s a collage of all the food I ate during my trip.

IMG_1101This was at a street food stall near Ratchada, not quite sure the exact location.

IMG_1184These oysters were super fresh and the scallops were cooked perfectly at The Dock, Paragon.

IMG_0990IMG_1006IMG_1220I ate at AfterYou Dessert cafe 3 times during this trip omg.

IMG_1146I ate 3 of these Raindrop dessert in a day believe it or not. Located at Siam Discovery top floor.

IMG_1199Constant craves for Thai Food – ate this at Coffee Bean by Dao at Paragon.

IMG_1208 Cutest desserts ever! Located at Siam Discovery top floor.

IMG_1078I posted this on my Instagram: legit the darkest ice cream ever – but tastes like vanilla! Located in front of Platinum.

IMG_1195CHINA TOWN! A place for bird’s nest, braised pork and seafood! (Didn’t take a photo of the seafood or bird’s nest dessert because I was too hungry).

IMG_0817If you’re into spicy food, this is the place for you. Som Tam restaurant located near Siam Square One.

Honestly, there was so much more food and restaurants that I didn’t get to taste yet. I’ll probably go again during Winter Break to satisfy all my cravings for Thai food.

These two posts are dedicated to the ones who commented on my previous post! I couldn’t decide which to do first so I posted both at the same time since I missed Saturday’s post as well. c:

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Stay Hungry,

Kim Bouy Tang


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  1. Those foods looks really good! And please do more of the delicious foods and i also would to know the location too:D
    love your blog! 🙂

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