2 Minutes of Eyeliner

I’m no makeup guru or expert, but when it comes to eyeliner and brows – I get it done nicely and fast.

When I started using eyeliner, I sucked. I would spend over 15-20 minutes just trying to get the perfect wing. At one point I gave up on wings and stuck to one simple line – and it wasn’t pretty.

After years of practice, I can finally draw my version of a perfect wing in 2 minutes – and they’re USUALLY equal.

Here are horrifying zoom-ins of my ugly skin showing you how to draw a winged liner:

IMG_3849 1. Draw a line at the end of your eye to outline where your wing starts. (Tip: try not to draw your wing TOO high up, it’ll look forced)

IMG_38592. Drag a line from where you drew the wing outline to the middle of your eye.

IMG_3861 3. Start drawing from the inner corner of your eye and dragging it towards the middle of your eye.

IMG_3864 4. Connect the two lines and fill in your waterline to define your eye.

IMG_3868 5. Go over the eyeliner again to have a cleaner look and to avoid any undrawn areas.


And yes, that’s it. 5 simple steps. (pls ignore my oiliness, this was taken at 11pm)

I hope you guys enjoy this little tutorial! Again, I’m not a makeup genius. I just like sharing with you guys the little tricks I’ve been doing to get my eyeliner done fast c: Please do let me know if you guys want more tutorials! I’m open to suggestions so comment down below!!

Good luck practicing!

Kim Bouy Tang

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