The White Blouse

White blouses are a must-have wardrobe piece. Why? Because it goes with everything. You can either go for a casual or formal look by just changing your pants to a skirt and vice versa.

I’ll be sharing with you guys two looks this week on how to wear your white blouses.

Pop of Color

For this casual look, I decided to pair my white blouse with some comfy high waisted jeans and a pair of pointy flats. This time, the jeans were the perfect length for me but usually, jeans from ANY brands (except those that has a petite section) are usually wayyyyyy to long for me (#shortpeopleproblems). For those of you who struggle this particular problem, try rolling up your jeans for a cleaner style. And if you get comments from your friends about being too short and having to roll up your jeans, tell them it’s the style you’re going for – because it is.

I’m not very a colorful person when it comes to outfits but it’s still summer (for me, at least) so let’s try something new. …Of course, during autumn/winter, you’ll never see me touch orange.

Blouse from Topshop

Jeans from Topshop

Shoes from Aldo

Bag form Hermés

The Black and White Aesthetics

Ahhh, this color palette is what my Instagram feed lives for (even though my feed’s looking like a total mess right now).

This is another casual look, but it could be formal if you change the shorts to a mid length skirt.

Blouse from Hamburger Studio

Shorts from H&M

Bag from Dior

Shoes from Chanel

God, I’m running out of places to take photos in Phnom Penh! Any of you have any suggestions for a nice place to take photos at (ones with a GOOD background). Honestly I’ve been taking most of these photos at Koh Pich due to my obsession with catching Pokemon. If any of you are into Pokemon, please do visit Koh Pich – Pokestops are literally everywhere.

Also, what should my next post this Saturday be about? Makeup or food?  I’ll be travelling to Bangkok on Thursday so give me some suggestions soon!

Hope to hear from you,

KimBouy Tang


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